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Changing Leaves and Pinterest Fails

Fall Leaf Decoration_0001

You guys! I’ve made it through our Fall Challenge!  This is my last post of September (well, October I guess, you can blame mom because our posts got pushed back a day this week) and it falls into the “Real Leaves” category!

To be honest, I had something totally different planned for the leaves I scoured the yard for.  I was going to Mod Podge them onto mason jars, and also onto a balloon so I could pop the balloon when the leaves dried and have a leaf bowl.  Have you seen those on Pinterest, they are beautiful!  But… I FAILED.  I tried a few different ways, and it just wasn’t working for me.  I’m sure there are some ways that they might have (like using fake silk leaves not real ones), but I was running out of time and needed to complete these little table decorations.

Fall Leaf Decoration_0002

Honestly, in the end I’m ok the Mod Podge idea didn’t really work.  I think this three jar set up is pretty cute, and also way more versatile!  Now when fall is over I can pull the leaves out from under the candle and from in the skinny vase and put something in more appropriate for the winter season!

Fall Leaf Decoration_0003

Please note the TEAL button… I was making them after all!  ;)

I love these because they feel homey.  They aren’t super fancy, but I think they add to that feeling of warmth.  And I’m hoping they do the same for the rest of the people who get to enjoy these little decorations in a small group I’m co-leading.  I want the atmosphere to feel cozy and homey, because people tend to then feel comfortable and safe in that kind of space.  Just a subtle way to move the room in that direction.

Fall Leaf Decoration_0004

And thank goodness for battery tea lights, so I don’t have to worry about my leaves catching on fire!  (Or remembering to bring matches!)

Also… can you tell I’m obsessed with this burlap I got?  I’ve used it in three projects now… this one and THIS and THIS.

Fall Leaf Decoration_0005

I’ve really been enjoying this fall challenge, and am so glad to be back in the groove of creating again!  Wonder what October will hold??


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