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Welcome to 2Create in Color!

We are Gail and Sam, the two in 2create. We are mother and daughter, sometimes crafting partners, and consultants to each other’s creative efforts.

We are two women with overflowing, overlapping creative urges and talents amplified by a love of learning the new and the now; a will to take it – whatever “it” is – to the next level; and the utter enjoyment of “playing with our toys.”

We each make messes create in many different ways, and sometimes that gets tricky. Sometimes we can’t focus because inspiration is attacking us from all sides. Some days we have so much focus that meal prep goes by the wayside, (our guys are so good in the kitchen – does it really matter?) But we’re always ready to focus our cameras, however humble some of those cameras may be.

Color means a lot to both of us. We have strong color preferences; we aren’t afraid to make bold color statements in our work; and we want to use our skills and talents to lead colorful lives! When we were batting around names for this blog, “in color” just stuck.

On a more personal note, we were a USAF military family until Sam graduated high school, but settled here in western Washington State 5 years before that. Our family also includes the dad, the younger daughter Becca, and the even younger son Robert, plus we have a terrific son-in-law Aaron married to Sam.

I like pop-fiction, Sam likes literature. She likes wine and beer, I like ginger ale. She likes pants that are long enough, and hey! I can make them! (eventually) We generally like the same things, maybe to a different degree, but when we don’t we happily allow each other to be unique.

We both hope you enjoy clicking around our blog! Don’t hesitate to comment, try our projects for yourself, follow us in your favorite way, and be sure to come back!

Gail and Sam

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