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Hi! I’m Gail, the mom in this mother-daughter duo that makes up 2create. I did some crafty and creative stuff as a girl, but except for always sewing I didn’t do much else until I was done with school. Add free time and disposable income, and … well, see #2 below.

Here’s what I want you to know about me!

1.  I draw my inspiration from almost anything, but in particular flowers in gardens, fabrics, items used in out of the ordinary ways, full color cookbooks, and really good restaurant food. Other crafting and sewing inspires me, of course, but I always want to make it Just Right and Uniquely Mine.

2.  My creative skills: cake decorating, baking with a specialty in gourmet chocolate desserts, cooking, crocheting and knitting, tatting, embroidering including ribbon, sewing and altering apparel and home dec items, making quilty things both by hand and machine, getting crafty with acrylic paints, getting crafty with the sewing machine, a bit of polymer clay and a bit of jewelry making, (beginner) scrapbooking and card making, paper collage, home décor crafting mostly for organization and holidays, plus I go all Martha Stewart when I have a party! A few of those listed I’m at the fearless not-quite-a-beginner stage, but I think that covers it.

3.  Strongest skill: I started sewing in 8th grade Home Ec and that became My Thing. I was the only sewing math/science geek in school. I’ve recently realized how much more there is to learn from the super-skilled people over at patternreview.com.

4.  Favorites: coffee – especially strong plain lattes, the color green, desserts, fabric, kitchen toys, green, late nights, and lots of words! I love exclamation points, because I speak like that, too! Oh, and I really like green :)  [While I am here editing something, let me say that being Abbi’s grandma is on this list… you know, somewhere near the top!]

5.  I have had a Kitchen Fish (goldfish) on my counter most of my adult life; my answer to a Kitchen Witch.   I love guinea pigs, and have often had them as pets.  I have AND love a husband and 3 adult children. Arguably adult children ;)

6.  I am a nutrition buff who doesn’t necessarily follow her own advice, and if nutrition related remarks show up in my posts you have full permission to ignore them, too!

7.  I am admitting it here in public: I have more fabric than I can probably ever use up. I will also state quite firmly that this fact will not stop me from buying more.

8.  I am a problem solver – I have that engineering mentality that never stops asking, “How can I improve on that?” and coming up with a flood of ideas. I have an engineering degree which I ended up barely using. However, all those analytical and technical skills have let us (me, me + kids) kick our fun and creativity up a notch!

9.  I wonder about everything. I love to learn about stuff; I love to learn new skills. I really need a data plan for my phone to satisfy my Google-it urge! Just ask Sam. (not that my husband will ever see this) [Got the data plan and a smart phone — happy me :) ] And I currently wonder why my (awesome!) sister-in-law Teresa thinks I should have mentioned her here, but I’ll do it! 

10.  What I want to do more of:  art quilting and crazy quilting including all their sub-skills; and  paper-based mixed media art.

Let’s get creative!


  • Dira Reeves - Yes! Hi Gail! Thanks for taking my class today and you are such a creative joy to be around!!!02.08.2013 – 9:16pmReplyCancel

  • admin - Thanks! Your mixed media painting class was inspiring and fun! I am looking forward to doing another couple project with my daughter Becca today — my second one will become a donation to a fundraiser. Everyone should take crafting classes on vacation! –Gail02.09.2013 – 11:03amReplyCancel

  • Kathy Lauer - Love comment about more fabric than You”ll ever use and the fact that this will not stop me from BUYING MORE!! Have a bag of polymer clay I want to try. I do English Smocking for my Grandkids as I did for my own kids 30 so years ago, Crochet, some simple knitting, some card making and love sewing with my friends and church quilt group Love Google and especially Pinterest!02.19.2015 – 6:53amReplyCancel

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