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Felt Fall Leaves

Fall Leaf Decoration_0001

I saw Mom on Saturday, and told her I had no idea what I was going to do for my last two Fall Challenge projects.  And then I headed to my Pinterest boards and saw this sweet pin (that I already mentioned at the beginning of the month in this post) and knew I needed to create my own version!

Fall Leaf Decoration_0002

Thanks to the fall wreath project, I had leftover burlap and ribbon and even felt!  So with embroidery thread and buttons already in my stock pile I was able to gather up supplies, plop myself in front of the tv and craft away!

I stitched the leaves onto the burlap and then hot glued the pieces of fabric over some thin mini canvases I had and then embellished with the buttons!  Such a fun easy craft!

Fall Leaf Decoration_0003

Mom had mused in her Embroidered Leaf Minis post that if I did this project ours could turn out similar.  But I think the felt stitched leaves vs embroidered leaves have totally different feels to them. Although my buttons on my leaves add a little something-somethin’ if you know what I mean.  (And in the same breath I lose at buttons because of this post of Mom’s if this is really a competition)

Have I linked enough of our previous posts yet?  ;)

Fall Leaf Decoration_0004

When I finished this up I literally just walked around my house until I found an empty nail.  And totally nailed the length of my hanging decoration because it covers up that ugly spot on the wall where weird cords used to be (which 3-4 years after removing them and the cover we’ve yet to patch/paint over… ha).

And that’s all I got!  I feel like I need to say more, but I’m sure my words have bored you enough already… witty brain must’ve gone to bed a few hours ago.  I’m obviously very witty in all my other posts! (insert laughing until crying emoji here)



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