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Our Fall 2015 Challenge


Unsuspecting apples, about to sacrifice themselves to art (apple stamping)

Hi! Happy September! Sam and I have decided to have a Fall Challenge with each other this year. I think the biggest challenge to us both will be getting back into the routine of blogging, so we’re going to ride that Back to School urge that hits us this time of the year and get to it! 

Yesterday’s tease of a post, titled “Back to…” has been bouncing around my head ever since I wrote it. Back to School, Back to blogging, Back to work, Back to … the Future? Back to NORMAL LIFE, please! What with Sam’s adjustment to dear little Miss Ella, who is now 4 months old, coming into their family, and my adjustment to … hmm … my adjustment to a new level of not-getting-anything-done-at-all (and then some family medical needs that stole time and brain power)  — well, you can see that our fairly long creative break has reasons behind it but we have missed our creative outlets! 

Me (Gail) on Fall:

FALL! Not my favorite season. I may have ragged on the autumn season previously here at the blog, so forgive me if I am repetitive! I don’t like giving up the energizing sunshine, the freshly harvested produce, unrestrictive clothing, warm fresh air wafting inside and outside, long days of light, and that holdover from the school calendar-ruled years of my life: the concept that summer is a time of relaxation and fun. Fall means a return to schedules, being forced into a routine (yeah, holdover much? LOL) and short days, plus lots of drizzly rain where we live here in western Washington State. 

On the other hand, there are significant things I love about this season! Pumpkins and apples! Colorful leaves! That particular shade of blue that the sky holds only in the autumn months. Halloween candy. My birthday! Not having to avoid turning on the oven (no A/C here). Plus all the opportunities for creative indulgences that the holidays provide. 


Now, on with our Fall Challenge

Challenge #1 — Post our creative projects on a schedule I have made. Mark your gradebooks under the “Participation” and “Turns homework in on time” columns if you feel teacher-ish. Very boring, right? This is an administrative challenge. But it will probably be our hardest challenge!

Challenge #2 — Choose fall-seasonal projects from the following list, with no repeats. We’re going to stick our fingers into almost ALL of our creative pies this month! 

  • Food: Apples
  • Food: other *If both food challenges are chosen, one should be sweet and one savory.
  • Yarn project
  • Embroidery project
  • Fabric project
  • Photography shoot.
  • Jewelry/beading project
  • Papercrafting project (not a scrapbook layout)
  • Scrapbook layout of any fall event
  • Use real leaves for something (besides filling the yard waste container haha)
  • Any art piece (doodling, coloring page, collage, etc)
  • Home decor item
  • Fall style: clothing/accessories Link Love post
  • Lifestyle: getting creative with fall fitness (this is all for you, Sam LOL)
  • Wildcard #1 project
  • Wildcard #2 project OR link/essay

Challenge #3 — Have fun! The easiest part of the challenge ever! 


If the previous portion of this year has taught either one of us anything, is that you can’t really count on life being NORMAL. #brokenhusband #newbaby #chronicconditionflareups #aginggenerations So this is not Back to Normal Life. But with intent, and a plan, a schedule, dare I say a commitment? we are challenging ourselves to ride out the bumps and get Back to Blogging and especially, Back to Creating! 

One side benefit of this will be that I intend to take a lot of pictures to demonstrate to my husband why I need to upgrade my camera again. Haha! It is my birthday month. *wink*

Share your creative fall projects with us in the comments (links) or by email any time this month, and we’ll do our best to recap the fall fun in October!

Happy creating! 

Gail (and Sam)