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Fall Wreaths!

Fall Wreaths_0001

I’m not going to do much talking today… except to say that yesterday was pretty much awesome-sauce!  My bestest friend from college took the day off and we spent our day chatting and crafting!

While the youtube and pinterest tutorials lie about how long making burlap wreaths take (they said 20min… yeah, right), this was still a super simple and fun craft!

Her wreath has the big blue bow, and mine has the acorns!

Fall Wreaths_0002Fall Wreaths_0003Fall Wreaths_0004Fall Wreaths_0005Fall Wreaths_0006

Thankfully there was already an empty nail by the front door for my wreath!  And check out that sweet “W” I decorated for my mantle, and the burlap flowers my friend made!  I love craft days!

I also especially love craft days that end with double date nights out with our significant others!  This may or may not be why I’m posting this a little later than usual this morning…

Have a great weekend!


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