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I think this was a fitting first “fall project”.  There’s nothing inherently “fall” about coloring, but it was one of the categories issued in our challenge: any art piece (doodling, coloring page, collage, etc).  And I needed something to ease me back into the world of creating and blogging… coloring seemed to fit the bill.

I just got this coloring book in the mail last week, and it has been sitting on my dining room table just screaming at me to take some time for myself.  And since I’ve been dreaming big about living intentionally this time of year, I thought it was appropriate to choose a page that would further inspire me this season!

Chase Dreams_0002

And to make it more FALL? I chose a set of markers that had a very distinctive color palette that went with this type of year!  I mean even the color names go along with the theme: hunter, denim, spice!  (And you can never go wrong with coffee)  ;)

Chase Dreams_0005

These are so not colors I would generally pick, in fact I’m not quite sure why I have this set of markers, probably just some random clearance purchase when I “needed” all-the-things when I worked at Michael’s a few years back. 

Even when I was coloring it was a challenge to only use 8 colors and have it look like a coherent design!  (It was like a challenge within our challenge!) Plus, I was coloring at night in a semi-dark house so it seemed just super dark to me all around.  But in a way that made the “spice” and “aubergine” colors stand out more, which were my favorite of the set!  And looking at the finished piece in daylight, the colors do really seem to pull together nicely!

I have some 8×10 frames around here I’m going to pop this in and put it where I will see it often this season! (My first fall decor to go up!)

Hello fall, welcome to my home.  Let’s go chase some dreams!


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