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Refinished Sideboard

Sideboard, refinished

This is another project I did for my dining room re-do.  And I’m so excited about it!!  It no longer feels like something I bought at a garage sale for super cheap and have had since college (which it is).  ;)

You can see more befores and while I was working on it here and here and my other ‘distressed’ project here.  :)

Sideboard, before and after

To make it easy on myself, I did not want to fill in holes/smooth out scrapes etc… so I went with that ‘distressed’ look!  So it just added character when I banged it into the door bringing back into the house, right?  Plus it’s just all around fun to go nuts with sandpaper!  ;)

I did do a couple of coats of grey primer before the black so that when I sanded and distressed the previous colors wouldn’t show through!

Some new silver brushed knobs and it looks like a whole new piece of furniture!

Sideboard, refinished

I’d totally buy it!  Except I don’t have to, because all it cost was a couple little things of paint and some sandpaper I already had!  Sold!  ;)

Sideboard, refinished

BTW, this is what it actually looks like in my home, in use.  It’s a little bit of a landing space as we walk in from the garage, and we can use it to hold additional food when we are hosting a big meal (I did mention it is in the dining room, right?)

Feels SO good to have this project done… it’s one that has been on my list for a long time!


  • admin - Wait! Back up to that third sentence, daughter dear! I paid for that piece LOL (and I love its new look!) –Gail/mom/blogpartner05.08.2014 – 6:27pmReplyCancel

  • Kari - Love, love, love this piece! I have been looking for 2 years for one exactly like this. Let me know if you ever feel inspired to do another :)05.13.2014 – 8:06amReplyCancel

    • admin - Thanks!! If you found an old one, I would happily refinish it for you Kari! -Sam05.13.2014 – 11:47amReplyCancel

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