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A Bunch of Befores


In my first post of the year I talked about how I had some bigger projects planned.  In fact some of them I’ve had planned for a couple of years, at least.  And it is time!  Time to finish them up… or at least start them.  Here are four projects that are on my to-do list, asap!

First up: the chair featured above.  I bought this chair for some photo mini sessions, and have since decided I’d like to keep it for my home.  However… the seat area is a little weak for daily use.  So I’d like to build a supported cushion that sits on the frame of the chair, so that we can use it whenever and as often as we’d like… without fear of falling through!  ha!


Now, this project… this is one I’ve talked about doing for a very long time.  I’ve had this sideboard since college.  In fact, I bought it to help furnish our first apartment!  And I still think it is a great little piece of furniture… shoes under, key basket on top, along with mail and whatever else gets dropped their on a daily basis.  However, this fruit basket design and color scheme are both not my style and don’t match my house (or what I want my house to be anyway).  So, a simple project, but it needs to get sanded down and re-finished, soon!!  I’m already dreaming about picking some new hardware for it!


Finally, the last couple projects.  Welcome to our back-room, as we call it.  Over the last few years this room has turned into a partial living & secondary storage area.  We spend time back here because it is connected to the kitchen and also because it is nice and toasty warm with the fire in the winter.  But it is SO ugly.  The paneled wall that is dingy and scraped up, the fireplace with mushroom tiles, the stacks of Rubbermaid containers, and that’s just the start.

I can’t go crazy with an update to this room because our plan in a couple of years is to remove the dropped ceiling in the adjoining kitchen and then re-do both areas at the same time… but I just can’t live in this dingy space anymore!  PLUS… the amount of shtuff in there needs to be minimized so our soon-to-be-mobile daughter can’t get into anything she isn’t supposed to!  To start, I need to get rid of the storage space and re-allocate those boxes to permanent homes.  I’d like to do a quick paint job on that paneled wall, and maybe figure out how to paint over the brick and tile!  (Can you paint over tile?  I haven’t done any research on that yet…)

In this ‘storage area’ I’ve been hanging on to that big brown shutter.  I’d like paint and distress it and turn it into a feature.  Maybe something like THIS for the top portion and maybe some chalkboard paint in that bottom inset?  Looking forward to that finished project!

Now… to get started…



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