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Distressed Frame

Distressed Frame_0001

So this is my third project in the last month where I’ve distressed something.  I’ve only shown you one of the other two, and you’ll have to wait a bit until I show you the last one… which, although I’m waiting to share, is my absolute favorite!!  

But this project, like yesterday’s, is part of a larger project for my room re-do.

I’m wondering with those two pieces of the puzzle if you can figure out what that larger project is.  :)

Distressed Frame_0002

See how I used the jute again?

And I’m dying over these mini clothespins!  

I won’t be using those prints when this actually goes in its final home, but they were easily accessible for showing how I’ll use this frame!  Easy to swap out prints and update this piece as time goes on!

Distressed Frame_0003

Now… what I can I distress next?  (Although I’m pretty sure Aaron hopes nothing so I’ll stop taking over the garage with paint stuff!)  ;)


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