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Looking Ahead: Sam’s Plan for 2014 PLUS Monthly Challenges for All!

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I hope the end of your holiday season went off with lots of laughs!  Our certainly did!  Abbi is totally starting to laugh more and more, and it amazes me the antics Aaron and I will go through sometimes to make that happen!  ;)  We love it!

We also love that she has started taking more regular and LONGER naps… makes our days a tad bit easier!  Enjoying it while it lasts!

Looking ahead to 2014… wait 2014?!  Wasn’t Y2K just a thing?  Guess I was in middle school… HA!  (Mom, am I making you feel old yet ;) )  Anyway…

Overall my goals are to add some LOVE and SIMPLICITY into my home!

I have far too many blank walls in my house, especially since I take photos for a living, LOL.  I need to do what I highly recommend to my clients… GET SOME PRINTED!

I also have some bigger projects that I’ve had planned for EVER.  I need to do ’em, or toss ’em!  (Or rather donate ’em…)

And among those things it’s time to start simplifying what is in our home!  The influx of baby toys and a BABY have totally changed how we function in our house, and we need to adapt to that… and quickly!  She’s already starting to scooch around and it won’t be long before we have a totally mobile little one.  It’s time to simplify and organize our house so it’s a little more family friendly!

AND… I’m trying to bring my focus back around for my crafty side too… making things that truly make me happy, add some joy or function into my life, and don’t just take up space and sit there.


Like these slippers.  Oh these slippers… a comfy, cozy, little project that still makes me smile (and not just because you all love them so much).

So to attempt to do projects that actually align with mine (and Mom’s) goals, we decided to do MONTHLY challenges!  One Wednesday of each month we will reveal our challenge results, as well as share what the next month’s challenge will be!  Usually this will be the second Wednesday of the month, but we’ll let you know if it changes.  Like this month… because we are introducing the challenge a little late, you won’t see the reveal until the 3rd wed!  Also… JOIN US!  We’d love it if you want to participate in our challenges, in fact send us some photos if you do!!

SO… January Challenge: A yarn challenge!  Make a small shaped 3-dimensional project using the equivalent of one skein of yarn of less!

Got it?  Good!  Get Creative… it’s a great way to start off 2014!


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