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BASIC Crochet Slipper Pattern

Last July I wrote THIS POST on crochet slippers.  And while it still seems crazy to me that a slipper pattern went crazy on Pinterest in the middle of summer… it did!  haha.  :)

Originally I loosely followed a pattern and made some modifications… well… seems most people wanted to know the modifications I made!

So finally… I’ve written a pattern for exactly how I made these pretty little slippers.  :)

THIS IS A BASIC PATTERN.  AND… if there is still confusion after this post don’t be alarmed .. on Thursday I will be bringing you a whole post of tips and tricks for working out problems making these and how to customize them for YOUR feet!  (Update:  Here is the link for the Thursday post on Tips and Tricks for Customizing your slippers!)  Without further ado… my basic crochet slipper pattern…


For this pattern I used: variegated Loops&Threads Impeccable Yarn, in Luxury color (Original pattern was same yarn in Summerset color).

[Edited in: Use one skein, 192yd (175m), 3.5oz (100g), worsted weight: 4. Use the table in this article to convert for other countries’ yarn talk https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yarn_weight]  

I used a size G/6 4mm crochet hook.

Start with a Magic Ring.  If you don’t know what that is, THIS is a great instructional video.

Chain (ch) 3, Double-crochet (dc) 7 into ring.  Pull tight.  This is Round 1.  (Do not slip stitch, I crocheted in the round, marking the end of each round with crochet markers to keep track.)

Round 2&3 – Alternate 1dc, 2dc into each stitch. (1dc into one stitch, 2dc into the next stitch, repeat…)

Round 4&5 – Alternate 1dc, 1dc, 2dc into each stitch. (1dc into one stitch, 1dc into the next stitch, 2dc into the next stitch, repeat…)

Round 6,7&8 – 1dc in each stitch all the way around.

To double check here, you should have 32 stitches around.  The progression should have been: 8stitches after round 1, 12stitches after round 2, 18stitches after round 3, 24stitches after round 4, 32 stitches after round 5.

Row 9 – (Note, here you begin working rows back and forth instead of rounds) – Ch3, turn, dc into 19stitches

Row 10-19 – Continue to work back and forth in rows: ch3, turn, dc into 19 (all the way across).

At the end of Row 19, tie off your yarn end, but leave a very long tail!

Fold the end of the slipper in half inside out and sew up the seam.

Flip right side out so the seam is on the inside of the slipper.

Edge slipper with dc all around the opening.  You can do this in matching or contrasting yarn!


OK… so that is the BASIC pattern… EXACTLY how I made them for MY feet.  Which, by the way, are US size 7.5.  If you want to gauge your stitch size to mine, a 4inchx4inch square in the flat part of slipper is approximately 9rows of 15stitches.

As I said… on Thursday I’m coming back with lots of tips and tricks for customizing these slippers and working out any problems you may be having making them.  But the gist of making them smaller or bigger is adding/subtracting either stitches and/or rounds and rows to make them the right size for your feet.  Don’t be afraid to try them on a billion times during your crocheting process to make them perfect for you!

See you Thursday!


  • Julie Clark - Love you slippers. Must finish the other one now.05.09.2013 – 4:25pmReplyCancel

  • Rian Fletcher - Just finished my first pair! They look good for a first attempt , but are rather loose around the heel , I’m wondering how often they’ll slip off , but I’m going to try and perfect them ! Thank you so much !06.02.2013 – 3:36amReplyCancel

    • admin - Awesome Rian! Glad that pattern seemed to work for you! Make sure you visit the ‘Tips and Tricks for Customizing’ the slippers page (link in post above) for ideas to make the heel tighter. Enjoy your new slippers! -Sam06.03.2013 – 12:45pmReplyCancel

  • amarilys bravo - son bellas! las voy a hacer, gracias!!06.08.2013 – 11:46amReplyCancel

  • Eileen - Thank you Sam. I have posted a link to you tutorial on my blog! Thank you for sharing this great pattern.06.10.2013 – 4:37amReplyCancel

    • admin - Thank you Eileen!! Hope the pattern works well for you! If you make a pair, we’d love to see a photo of your finished slippers! Email it to us at 2CreateSG@gmail.com -Sam06.10.2013 – 11:14amReplyCancel

  • QueenieD - I have been making slippers for years for family, friends and charity functions. When my children brought friends home, they loved them. I still make them for the college friends. Winters in northern MA are really cold. So, I look forward to the new pattern! I will have to make adjustments for the different sizes, especially the the guys. Wish me luck! Thank you………07.05.2013 – 5:50pmReplyCancel

  • admin - QueenieD, we hope you all enjoy them! Good Luck!07.05.2013 – 9:18pmReplyCancel

  • Meighan - I’ve been wanting to crochet slippers and socks for quite awhile now, and I found your pattern linked to http://crochetattic.blogspot.com/2013/06/crochet-slipper-tutorial.html, and decided to check it out.

    I’m so impressed! This is by far the easiest tutorial I’ve ever followed. The photos side by side to the instructions, and stitch count at the end of rows was so helpful. I started last night, and already have one slipper finished, and the second is already half way done.

    Thank you so much, this tutorial is wonderful. I’ll definitely be using this again in the future.09.10.2013 – 9:48pmReplyCancel

    • admin - Thank you Meighan!! So glad you found the tutorial helpful!! I know photos have always helped me figure patterns out, so I’m glad somebody else found them useful too! -Sam09.12.2013 – 3:31pmReplyCancel

  • Amanda - I am always a little confused when reading patterns. From what I have learned (self-taught with YouTube videos) you should chain 3 at the beginning of each new row for double crochet. Is that implied in this pattern or does it leave out the chaining at the beginning of each row? Will patterns always say if you have to chain at the beginning?10.09.2013 – 1:12amReplyCancel

    • admin - Amanda, Most patterns I’ve followed do include the ch3 at the beginning of new rows. This pattern does as well, starting at the beginning of Row 9, where the pattern starts working in rows. Before that this pattern works ‘in the round’, which is just a continuous loop of double crochets. Starting at Row 9 the pattern reads: “ch 3, turn, dc…” that ch3 is the start of the new row. If this is still confusing please let us know and we can try to help you out! Thanks for visiting our blog! -Sam10.09.2013 – 2:23pmReplyCancel

      • Megan - So that chain 3 counts as the first double crochet of the next row?12.29.2015 – 9:12am

      • admin - yes it does! sorry it took me a few days to get back to you! let me know if you have any other questions! would love to see your finished slippers too, email us at 2createsg@gmail.com -Sam :)01.02.2016 – 6:55am

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  • Katie - I have been trying to follow this pattern, but I keep having the same issue. The sides of the slipper just don’t go high enough on the foot. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any tips?10.26.2013 – 7:17pmReplyCancel

    • admin - Katie, sorry you’ve been having trouble! Have you checked Sam’s Tips and Tricks page for these slippers? Sounds like Tip 2 is just what you need. When you begin the flat part of the slipper, instead of making the rows 19 stitches long, measure how much wider you want them to be and add that many stitches. You may want 21, 22, 23 stitches in your rows.

      However, there’s the row of trim that goes around the foot opening once you are done, and that adds about 1/4″ or more to the height of the sides, so take that into consideration. When I was making test slippers for Sam’s post, I was surprised at how much difference it made!

      Hope this helps! –Gail10.26.2013 – 9:37pmReplyCancel

  • Patty Holman - you happen to have this pattern for knitters. I do not crochet, but I am starting to knit fairly well.11.14.2013 – 4:26amReplyCancel

    • admin - Patty, (Gail here) since I am the knitter here, I’ll answer this one! This link has the pattern I learned to knit with, and I made these slippers several times for myself long ago. So good for beginners if you do it this way: DON’T use double-pointed needles LOL — do the garter stitch and then the 1×1 ribbing for the amount of stitches and rows they call for but work it flat. When you get to the top (toe) cast off by pulling a piece of yarn through all the stitches on your needle, then cinch it down and tie it tight. Use the tails of this yarn to sew the edges of the ribbing section together — this seam will sit on the top of your foot. Back in the day, we made big fluffy pompoms to put on them :) –Gail11.14.2013 – 9:49amReplyCancel

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  • Lynda - Love this pattern, it was very easy to do!! I found they were too loose for my preference so I added elastic to mine, the next pair I will use ribbon12.09.2013 – 5:33pmReplyCancel

    • admin - Glad you found the pattern easy to follow Lynda! If you don’t want to use elastic or ribbon, you might check out the Tips & Tricks page linked in this post for ways to tighten up your slippers! Enjoy them! :) -Sam12.09.2013 – 8:09pmReplyCancel

  • Allison - I’ve been dying for a pair of slippers in this style, I own a couple store bought ones, but because they run as 2 sizes, they’re always too big (I wear a 6.5 and the 6-7 are always a half size too big). I wanted a pair that I could wear around the house and sleep in (my toes get cold at night) that actually fit and wasn’t complicated to make. I tried other patterns and they are always more complicated that they pretend to be and always end up a half size too small. This pattern looks easy to do and looks very adjustable (having a separate bottom causes too many issues and this one looks very customizable).

    Thank you so much for the pattern! I look forward to trying to make these!12.14.2013 – 11:35pmReplyCancel

    • admin - I’m so glad you found us Allison! These slippers are totally customizeable and I hope you find it easy to do so! Make sure you check out the Tips & Tricks post that is linked up there for instructions on how to make them fit your feet perfectly! And if you have any questions don’t hesitate to let us know! Enjoy the pattern, hope they keep your feet cozy warm! :) -Sam12.15.2013 – 12:24amReplyCancel

  • Beth - Would you mind detailing your edging? Mine doesn’t look as clean.01.26.2014 – 10:52pmReplyCancel

    • admin - Beth, I double crocheted starting at the heel and working my way around the opening. Sometimes it can be hard to judge where to place your stitch because you are crocheting into the end of a row instead of the top of a stitch like normal… I tend to err on the side of making too many stitches rather than not enough. I also tried to stich fairly tight so it would pull the top of my slipper together more. Hope that helps! -Sam01.28.2014 – 1:28pmReplyCancel

  • shelly - Made these in one sitting — love them/thank you!03.10.2014 – 1:17pmReplyCancel

    • admin - Awesome Shelly! Glad my pattern worked for you! :) -Sam03.10.2014 – 4:45pmReplyCancel

  • Eve - I love this pattern and tried making my first slipper today…didn’t go so well…Any idea why mine looks so much pointier on the top? Help!!03.27.2014 – 2:23pmReplyCancel

  • Amy - I love your pattern. Very easy to follow. I’ve just picked up crocheting and have made scarves and blankets. I used your pattern for my first pair of slippers and omg…..fail! Lol. Waaay too big and loose and pointy. Time to start over and figure out what I did wrong lol. Thanks for posting your pattern tho!09.17.2014 – 7:37pmReplyCancel

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  • lilly dlamini - I’m about to try it,I like them10.22.2014 – 2:31amReplyCancel

  • Kendra - They aren’t getting wider when I’m stitching in the round. Just staying tube like. :(10.29.2014 – 6:03pmReplyCancel

    • admin - Hi Kendra! Are you adding stitches as you move on to each new round? If you follow the directions you should have 8stitches after round 1, 12stitches after round 2, 18stitches after round 3, 24stitches after round 4, and 32 stitches after round 5. The difference between the original 8 stitches and the 32 after round 5 should be very noticeably wider. But then yes, after that it would stay tube like for the next few rounds to finish the toe part of the slipper. If you need them to get even bigger than that, you can add even more stitches per round than I did. For example in rounds 2 & 3, you could dc 2 stitches in each of the 8 stitches from your first round, or in rounds 4 & 5 you could continue the original directions for rounds 2&3 just alternating 1dc then 2dc for each stitch around. By adding stitches like that your rounds should definitely get wider, but make sure you are test fitting the slippers on your feet too! Sometimes it can be deceiving because of how the yarn stretches. Good luck Kendra, and let me know if you have any further questions! -Sam10.30.2014 – 12:58pmReplyCancel

  • Kimber Morcombe - I’m working on these right now and I can’t wait to finish them! They definitely aren’t perfect but I think they’re going to turn out just fine. I found your link via Pinterest and I’m adding this to my blog :) Thanks for the tutorial!!11.10.2014 – 4:57pmReplyCancel

    • admin - thanks Kimber! hope they are keeping your feet toasty warm :) -Sam11.19.2014 – 11:55amReplyCancel

  • Sarai - I love these! I just started crocheting and this was the second non-scarf thing I’ve made. I made them for a friend who has a size 10 feet for x-mas – I hope they fit her! I have a question though. My G/6 hook is 4.25mm..do you know why yours is 4mm? I live in the USA… Maybe it’s a regional thing? Anyway, I love em so much I’m gonna take a break from Christmas presents and make myself a pair too!12.03.2014 – 6:21pmReplyCancel

    • admin - Sarai, that’s great to hear! How are yours turning out? As for the hook size, I think the most important thing to know is that as long as you are getting the right gauge — stitches and rows per inch — the actual size or name of the hook doesn’t really matter. It’s a curiosity though, that they’re .25mm different; maybe just the brand.12.10.2014 – 1:05pmReplyCancel

  • carole - J’aimerais ce patron en franΓ§ais
    merci12.19.2014 – 12:29pmReplyCancel

  • Beverly Kwiatkowski - I would like to print this for a friend,as she doesn’t have a P.C.02.07.2015 – 4:54amReplyCancel

    • admin - Beverly, that would be fine with us here at 2Create in Color just as long as it is for personal use. Happy crocheting! –Gail02.07.2015 – 9:19amReplyCancel

  • G'ma - For those who want the slippers more secure, get some elastic cord and thread it through the double crochet trim. This will keep the slippers secure but allow slipping them on easily. I always save the lovely gold elastic cord that is used to tie up fancy chocolate boxes for projects like this.07.14.2015 – 1:09pmReplyCancel

    • admin - G’ma, great idea on the elastic cord. And very frugal, too, upcycling the gifty cord!07.14.2015 – 3:03pmReplyCancel

  • Pam Ruttgers - Love the crocheted slippers! Looking for more….! 😊08.14.2015 – 7:42pmReplyCancel

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  • Trjnh - Hi for round 9 & 10-19 is that just 1dc each st?09.08.2015 – 7:38pmReplyCancel

    • admin - Trjnh, on Round 9, you do 1dc in each of 19 stitches only, instead of going all the way around as you have in the previous work. On Rows 10-19, it is then just 1dc in each stitch across that segment of 19 stitches, yes. Hope this helps! Happy Crocheting! –Gail09.09.2015 – 11:08amReplyCancel

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  • Dede Petrocelli - So I just started and I understand chain 3 then dc in the magic loop – question though – when I start round 2 where am I joining? Because when I join at the top of the ch 3 then that chain is not attached to anything and there is a hole at the point – does that make sense?11.12.2015 – 10:30amReplyCancel

    • admin - Hi, Dede! Sam and I (Gail) have gotten your email as well as this comment. I am taking point on this because I think I see the misunderstanding here. Sam has made this slipper by crocheting in a spiral — there are no joins at the end of each round. It is still important to mark the spot where the next round begins for counting purposes, though.

      —>> Here’s what you do: when you finish Round 1 and pull the magic loop tight, you make your first dc of Round 2 into the top of the ch3 (treating it like a stitch) — you do not join the first and last stitches of Round 1 together. It looks awkward at this point, but once you keep going, the crochet fabric evens itself out! In the pattern, Sam says, “Chain (ch) 3, Double-crochet (dc) 7 into ring. Pull tight. This is Round 1. (Do not slip stitch, I crocheted in the round, marking the end of each round with crochet markers to keep track.)” —- So when she says not to slip stitch, and also that she crocheted in the round, those are the clues to this spiral style of working tubes.

      —- I hope this helps! Sam does apologize for making an amazingly popular slipper while being a beginner crocheter and not really understanding all the pattern-writing skills. It took a year for her to work up to actually writing out the pattern ;) She’s getting to be a super-good crocheter now — you should take a look at the post just after Halloween this year! She crocheted the best Elsa (from Frozen) hat with attached tiara and hair for her 2-year old daughter Abbi!

      — Don’t hesitate to ask more questions here or by email, OK Dede? Thanks for waiting for us to figure out how to answer you! Love, Gail11.13.2015 – 11:38amReplyCancel

      • Dede - Thank you for your reply. I apologize if I seemed like a pest :-) I guess my question is when you start round two with the double crochet in the top of the chain three what happens to the chained three since it’s not attached to anything? Does this make sense? It seems that the chain three is just left “hanging” and there seems to be a hole in the point. I don’t know if that is stitched up later? Or if I am even making sense LOL11.13.2015 – 11:55am

      • admin - Sam here this time! I wish I could see a photo, because I’m such a visual person. So if this doesn’t answer your question you should email us a photo at 2createsg@gmail.com Are you pulling the magic ring tight after you do the initial ch3 and then dc 7 into the ring? There shouldn’t be a hole in the point once you pull the magic ring tight. So then that original chain 3, acts as your first double crochet and as you are starting round 2 you just crochet into the top of it. So it would be connected to the magic ring below, the new round above, the first real double crochet you did when you dc7, and it’ll be snug up against your last of the dc7 of the first round. Does that make sense? You are not a pest, and we’d love to help you get this figured out! Let us know if you have any more questions! -Sam11.13.2015 – 12:46pm

      • admin - And maybe (!!!) if your chains are looser than your crochet stitches, the chain might seem too long and be snaking outward from the other dc stitches? If so, tighten them up or only chain 2… but work the Rounds 2 & 3 and see if it is still an issue. But a phone pic would help as Sam said! You can even show it to us on our fb page if that’s easier. — Gail11.13.2015 – 12:50pm

  • Evelyn reyna - A lite coat of clear silicone applied to the bottom make these slippers awesome and safe, especially for us grandmas. Thx for the pattern11.21.2015 – 2:26amReplyCancel

  • Desiree - Hi. So this is my first ever time to crochet. I just finished the one slipper. However I am somewhat confused on how the end where the heel meets. The sides are shorter going up. Is this right?? I am so happy I found this easy slipper pattern!!11.30.2015 – 7:37pmReplyCancel

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  • MegO - Quick question… When I start working in rows and I do the chain 3, do I start my first double crochet in the first stitch of the row or do I have to skip stitches?12.30.2015 – 8:16amReplyCancel

    • admin - first stitch!01.02.2016 – 6:54amReplyCancel

  • Michelle - I’m thinking I’ll have some time to make these this weekend between shoveling the snow and making snowmen with my kids! Ill probably need them too…I’ll let you know how it goes!01.21.2016 – 5:39pmReplyCancel

    • admin - Do let us know! Did you make the slippers? And what about the snowmen? –Gail02.01.2016 – 4:57pmReplyCancel

  • Evangeline - Could you respond by email, please… I wonder if you needed 1 skein for both slippers, or if you needed 1 for each?
    Thanks01.16.2017 – 1:13amReplyCancel

    • admin - Sending an email as well, but it is one skein for both, for the pair. Happy Crocheting! –Gail01.16.2017 – 1:25amReplyCancel

  • Loretta Quinn - I would love to have the whole pattern.
    Thank You
    Loretta12.14.2017 – 5:13amReplyCancel

    • admin - Loretta, this post has the full instructions. As of right now, this is the only way we have presented the pattern. Any alterations for size — to make it fit your own foot just right — are in a post linked at the beginning. –Gail12.14.2017 – 2:54pmReplyCancel

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