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Nursery Tour!


Well, as much as anything can be finished in my house.  HA… but all the projects I wanted to get done in the nursery before Skittle’s arrival are DONE!  And put together!  And on the walls!

(AND… there is still wall space left, so when I get some creative juices back after Skittle’s arrival I can come up with more projects!!)  :)

Good timing too, because I’m over 38 weeks now… and I’m so ready for our little lady’s arrival!   (Bring on the wive’s tales…)  ;)

Don’t you love that Ikea mirror?  I love that it adds some texture, but also reflects the rest of the room, and bounces light back into the room from the window!

And I’m so glad the original color scheme came together pretty much exactly as I pictured in my head!  Grey and white with POPS of color!  :)

And I said finished right?  Well… I guess this project isn’t really finished… but I can’t finish it yet because Skittle’s real name is a secret until she is born.  And those top two blocks without any letters in them will be her first and middle initials!  I know my family was hoping… but no hints for them!  HA!  :)

Oh, and these letters!  These awesome, awesome letters!!  I am thrilled that I not only found the set to buy on etsy, but that my Mom and little brother spent hours priming, sanding, and spray painting them for me!  I love that the alphabet can be a fun wall decoration and also a learning tool later on!!

Eeep!  Plus, how cute is the button as the letter ‘O’?!

You’ve seen the closet doors before, but I’ve gotta talk about this last project….


Yeah baby!  Yes, the vision was my idea… but all the credit goes to my awesome Momma on these!!  She came up to my house multiple times to sew these up for me!

Yes, I do own a sewing machine now, but skills lacking and patience really lacking at the moment made this project one I really did NOT want to tackle on my own.  If she hadn’t spent so much time sewing them up for me, they probably wouldn’t have existed until months after Skittle arrives.  In fact, most of the nursery wouldn’t be so complete if it weren’t for my Mom’s help the last couple weeks!!

I can’t wait to spend lots of time in here enjoying our little lady!  In fact… Maverick and I have been practicing hanging out in this room already…

I’m imagining Maverick is going to spend a lot of time laying down on this rug at my feet while I rock Skittle to sleep or nurse her!  So thankful it all came together so nicely!  Even Aaron has been walking by the room lately and telling me how awesome it has been turning out!  (His attention lately has been focused on the hard manual labor of a HUGE backyard renovation we also have going on at the moment!  Thankfully that has been wrapped up to a nice stopping point yesterday too…)

…SO now we really are READY to meet our little Skittle!  Bring on the contractions, lol ;)



  • Michelle - Beautiful! I really like the chevron closet doors, so clever. And the colors are just great!

    Happy Stitching,
    sewingrocks.blogspot.com09.12.2013 – 8:43amReplyCancel

    • admin - Thanks Michelle! I had a lot of fun putting this nursery together for our little lady! I just hopped over to your blog and saw that you were expecting as well, congratulations! And LOVE your etsy shop too! Adding to my faves! :) -Sam09.12.2013 – 3:34pmReplyCancel

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