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Nursery Themes & Wooden Letters

I didn’t realize when I first started planning the nursery, that having a ‘theme’ was such a thing.  I mean, I knew there were matching crib bedding sets that came with a little pillow, or wallpaper borders with safari animals on them… but I can’t tell you how many times in the past month I’ve been asked what the theme of my nursery is.

Ummm… colors?  and shapes?  and patterns?

Most people looked at me and were like, “no flowers?  or animals?”

Well… I plan on buying a couple of these baby animal prints but that’s the extent of the animals.  And I might have some cute flower headbands laying out on the dresser in there… she is a girl, but that is certainly not a theme.

Most people thought what I was doing was pretty cool once I explained my plan for the room… but I still can’t tell you how strange it was to me how many people I got blank stares from when I answered the theme question with “nothing” or “patterns and shapes.”

Anyway… one of the non-theme decorations I saw that I’d really like to use was the wall o’ alphabet!  The above photo is the first one I saw using this idea (and you can check out more photos and that whole cute nursery idea: here.)

Because we painted the nursery a dark gray and are going for lots of white decor with some bold color pops, I loved the idea of an all-white alphabet above Skittle’s crib.

While I love all the patterns in these two examples (more photos: here), I still want all white and love that these utilize some very different fonts and thicknesses.  Check out the “O” in the right hand picture… I think it’s metal, how cool is that?

And then I found these photos (more: here)… LOVE the frames!  I’d of course make this idea my own… the frames would be super simple and I could paint them our three accent colors maybe!

So I’ve got all these ideas running through my head and I started looking at wooden letters on Jo-Ann’s and Michael’s and Hobby Lobby and custom wood cutting sites… I mean, I wanted variety but I also wanted them to form a cohesive whole.  Which is when I started feeling like this was a much bigger project that I originally intended!  How do I choose fonts?  It’s going to take me a billion trips to all these craft stores to get the right combination of sizes and shapes of letters.  Yeesh… maybe I should think of a less time consuming project for above the crib…

And then…

I found this:

Yeah, a ready-made set on Etsy that has a combination of fonts and sizes and all looks good together!

If I had more time on my hands I think it would be fun to round up the letters myself… but this solution just seems SO easy and really quite perfect!

I mean, how cute is that button for the “o” and negative “d” and the boxes around “n” and “x”.  PLUS… her initials are all awesome too!

In fact, I’ve been thinking for one of the color pops I could paint the initials with the three accent colors!  (and haha… you don’t get to know what they are yet!)

I’ve still got some decisions to make… frames?  color popped initials?  painting the half-inch depth with colors and the tops white?  all white?  placement?

BUT… this makes it so much easier, and my brief moments of feeling overwhelmed have subsided into nursery excitement again!  :)

Can’t wait to get them, paint them and put them up on the wall!


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