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100 Morning Moments Recap

A little over 100 days ago Mom and I started a 100

Morning Musings…

It’s funny… last Tuesday when I

I am a Learner, currently of Brush Lettering

Gail here — time to sum up my first batch of

Morning Moments

Momentum.  Mom mentioned that word in her last

One Hundred Days Until…

Gail here — Sam and I have been plotting behind

100 Days Project!

Sam here, real quick to introduce what Mom and I are

Spring Color (ing)

Two things I need to remember when doing coloring

Winter Details

It seems our last few posts have been so concurrent

Paint, Sip, and Nibble

Just like Sam, my blog-partner, I also have been to a

Paint & Sip

Paint & Sips have become a thing.  And I

Gail Visits Australia #1

What a lucky lucky lady I was in January! My husband

Hello January

It’s mid January and I still feel like

Inktober Lettering 2015 — Update!

Having so much fun with this lettering project! Here

Wordless Wednesday: Ella 5 month comparison!

This was Ella a few months ago at 3 months old!

Tula Pink Coloring Book is Here! A Brief Review

So excited to get some surprise mail today! I’m

Inktober Lettering 2015

You can google the original Inktober premise if you

Spider, Up (too) Close!

HEY!  WARNING!  If you don’t want to

What’s Up Wednesday: A Leaf-Inspired Zendoodle

Doodling! Zentangle patterns! Playing around with

Fall Button Tree

Not only did I have fun playing with my big

Chase Dreams

I think this was a fitting first “fall

Ella is 2 months old!

I feel like I’ve just been on repeat lately:

What’s Up Wednesday: Hand Doodle

Distraction, motivation, and wellness have been

Ella’s Newborn Photos!

I can’t believe we are here again.

Sand and Sun

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten up

But I Haven’t Had Snow Yet

I put pen to paper and out came all these

1 Creates in Black and White

I hope you got that title, a pun on our blog

A Snowy Adventure

You guys.  Seriously.  How gorgeous is

Getting a Handle on My Cricut Cartridges, and Spreadsheet 101

I’m on an organizing binge. It’s moving

The Final Comparison: Abbi

You know what I realized today?  I realized I

Attempting Watercolor

I may have mentioned that I’ve recently taken a

What’s Up Wednesday: Sketchbook Peek

So, you know, I don’t claim to be any kind of

A Watercolor Experiment

So, I’ve gotta ‘do it all’ right?

Get Linked: Kaleidoscope Fun!

Kaleidoscopes! Who doesn’t love the endless

Inspiration Week: The Studio

Twins… just oh my goodness!  I have an

What’s Up Wednesday: Design Journal Classwork

Class assignment: find small color swatches from

Two Weeks…

In two weeks… wait…  ack… two

Wordless Wednesday: Abbi’s 11 month photos!

11 months of photos!  phew!  i love

What WAS Up On My Wednesday: My Ocean Shores

Pictures from my Wednesday at Ocean Shores,

What’s Up Wednesday: Abbi’s 10 month photos!

Wait, what?  I’m 10 months old?! yay!!!

What’s Up Wednesday: Studio Mucking TIPS

I’ve been here before, amongst stacks of

What’s Up (Wordless) Wednesday!

Mostly wordless… of course.  ;)

Guest Artist: Robert

Just taking a day to feature the work of one of my

Circle Doodles

Today was busy.  A morning playdate, a workout,

Egg Week: Tie-Dye Eggs Two Ways

There’s a bit of a pun going on here! I have

Egg Week: White Patterns on Colored Eggs!

Easter!  And eggs!! I LOVE decorating Easter

Lux and Light

Sometimes the simplest things can be the most

A Happy Talent

“It’s a happy talent to know how to

Doodle Calendar Picture for March

Not only have I been inspired by playing with my


I’ve been kind of moody lately.  Not like the

Six Months of Photos!

Seriously… is that not the biggest cheese-ball

Doodling Dangles for February

Have you see this kind of doodle before? After

Photo Comparisons!

Every month on the 17th (or sometimes on the 18th if

Gingerbread House Challenge 2013 front -- Gail

Gail’s 2013 Gingerbread House

Whooo Hooo and E-I-E-I-O! I love my gingerbread

Christmas Gingerbread House

“It’s beginning to look a lot like

Fall Color Scheme!

A late in the day post because I waited to take my

Doodle While You Work…

I knew this morning (at 4am… my schedule is so

Wordless Wednesday: Composite Photos

First of all, look how tiny Abbi’s head is in

MAKE Mini-canvas

I find myself not being able to concentrate on

Wordless Wednesday: Maternity Photoshoot!

As always our Wordless posts are really… well,


Since Mom posted her sketch last week, I’ve

Wordless Wednesday: Patriotic Inspired Sketch

Understood: that we will never call me an artist! But

Newborn Pants!

Remember the photo prop pants Mom made me recently

Wordless Wednesday: Long Exposure Part 2

As I’m packing for a camping trip and thinking

Wordless Wednesday: Long Exposure

Mostly Wordless Wednesday presents some long exposure


Our Winter Color Scheme was just not working anymore.

Arizona Sunset

I mean you can’t really beat a photo of

A Skittle Photoshoot!

Literally… today I had a photoshoot with some

Coloring an Easter Egg

When I was little, I loved coloring books and

Today feels like…

SPRING!!! *happy sigh*   …i love that feeling

It’s Good to Laugh

Good advice for everyone! You might remember this

Desert Inspiration

No, not dessert inspiration! Although there is that

Work and President’s Day!

Happy President’s Day! I know babies have

Taking a Class During Vacation

One day here in Arizona, while Becca was at work, I

Around the House

On Monday I talked about the Power of Focus, and what

The Power of Focus!

This post is about the power of focus… in two

Wordless Wednesday: Hardwired to Color

… or should that be Hardwired 2color? (and

Zenspirations Monogram #1 G

Armed with my sketchpad and a handful of pencils and

Merry Christmas 2012!

We 2 wish you a very merry Christmas, and so do all

It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like…

…Christmas!!  And you know what I enjoy during

Wordless Wednesday: Fountain Animation!

How COOL is this?!  I figured out how to make little

Wordless Wednesday! Arizona Textures

Greetings from Arizona, where my Washington

Christmas Lights in the Woods!

This weekend was my first round of Mini Sessions for

Insomnia Doodling

One scrap of winter white cardstock. One Marvy Artist

New Color Scheme!

It was time to update the blog colors!  So

October Produce Market Inspiration

I love pumpkins! I love fruits and veggies any season

More than a Doodle…

I have always loved to doodle!  On my homework in

Wordless Wednesday: China Panoramas

Just three ‘little’ panoramas for you

Kitchen Prints

I want some kitchen art!  So why not make my own?

Motivation Monday!

I don’t know about you, but I just felt like I

Antique Sewing Machine Collage

I am so absorbed by collage! My journey has just

Wordless Wednesday: China, Textures and Details!

Almost Wordless anyway… just wanted to apologize

Collage Kindergarten

When I grow up, I must want to be an artist of one

Beachy Background

Aren’t these little art blocks fun?  This was

Hearts Aren’t Just for Valentines

No, it’s not Valentine’s Day! But this project IS

DIY Grecian Color Palette

I love looking at color palettes, my faves for

DIY 4th of July Mini Photo Session!

The 4th of July is on Wednesday!  Can you believe it?

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