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100 Morning Moments Recap

A little over 100 days ago Mom and I started a 100

Halloween Recap

Oh goodness.  Are you ready for 8000 pictures of

What’s Up Wednesday: Fall is in the Air

It’s feeling great to get reconnected to

Morning Musings…

It’s funny… last Tuesday when I

Morning Moments

Momentum.  Mom mentioned that word in her last

One Hundred Days Until…

Gail here — Sam and I have been plotting behind

100 Days Project!

Sam here, real quick to introduce what Mom and I are

Get Linked! What I Am Loving Right Now

Today, I choose to focus on what’s

Daring to Wonder

This isn’t going to be the most refined post

Chase Your Dreams

It’s funny to me that I ordered this planner

Hello 30.

The changing of years.  I love it.

Look out, 2018! Here I come!

Is your 2017 off to a good start? I hope so!

Winter Details

It seems our last few posts have been so concurrent

Gail Visits Australia #1

What a lucky lucky lady I was in January! My husband

Dream Big, Little One!

It’s been almost two months and I’m just

ONE Teaser

ONE Teaser photo of ONE little lady who just turned

Hello January

It’s mid January and I still feel like

What should I take…

  Over the past few years, I’ve

Ring in the New Year by Reading in the New Year!

Cookbooks are books, too! Thanks, Sam, for sharing

It’s Still November — Thanksgiving Decor

Just so you know the backstory here (pun

Pinspiration: 49 Days and Counting…

That’s right 49 days and counting… UNTIL

OOPS — Happy Halloween?

Well, I’m a day late… but it’s the

Link Love: This Autumn Week’s Finds

Oh, fall! I am liking you more and more this year,

Woodland Baby Shower

Ok!  I’m pulling a “Wildcard”

Pin-spiration: So Let’s Talk About Fall…

So let’s talk about Fall.  Mmmm, fall!

Our Fall 2015 Challenge

Hi! Happy September! Sam and I have decided to

Back to…

Back to school vibes are in the air! Time to settle

Ella is 2 months old!

I feel like I’ve just been on repeat lately:

Coconut Citrus Sugar Scrub

I can’t believe it has been over three

Ella’s Newborn Photos!

I can’t believe we are here again.


Look!  A baby!  MY baby!  The newest

Jelly Bean’s Baby Shower

Four weeks ago, I had the privelege and FUN of

My Vacation and the Recovery: Pics and Tips

My Aunt Lucille celebrated her 100th birthday last

What a Wednesday!

This is not a “What’s UP Wednesday”

About Us, Take 2

So we’ve been lacking on posts because we

Tried and True

So this week… talk about not going the way I

New Year – Old Goals!

But first, Storytime! You may not be keeping up with

New Year – New Start!

I love love LOVE the New Year!  I feed off that

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our little family to yours!

Cookie Swap 2014 Part 1: the Party!

I don’t think my Mom is going to be expecting

What’s Up Wednesday: The 12 Aisles of Target

On the first aisle of Target, I tossed into my

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

One of the most festive things is gorgeous

A Snowy Adventure

You guys.  Seriously.  How gorgeous is

Jelly Bean Reveal…

It feels like not that long ago I was showing you a

Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween!!  I LOVE Halloween!

Font Maniac and New Logos

So I know I’ve been like super-lame this month.

Under Construction

SO, in lieu of a concrete project today, I’m

The Final Comparison: Abbi

You know what I realized today?  I realized I

52 Weeks

A few years ago, I had a brilliant idea to make a

What’s Up Wednesday: A Lot of To-Do’s Today

I have a long list staring me in the face! I’m

What’s up Wednesday: Fall & Winter Maternity Fashion

Last time I was pregnant, I found out in early

Birthday Cake Smash

Can you believe it?  Abbi turned one!!

What’s Up Wednesday: 5 Happy Things This Week

We need a bit more happy in this week, so here

Inspiration Week: Life & Style

1 year.  1 YEAR!!  Abbi turns 1 year on

Two Weeks…

In two weeks… wait…  ack… two

Tuesday Pin-spiration!

Mom and I had a blog-afternoon last week.  Where

What’s Up Wednesday: Kitchen Herbs Update

4 months.  I’ve kept non-cactus plants

Festive Food on this Fourth of July

I know I’m a little late to the party with this

Triathlon – Like a Girl

Have you seen the Like A Girl commercial floating

What’s Up Wednesday: Catalog Dreams!

I got sucked in. Do you ever see a catalog and wonder

Moving Party!

Over the weekend, my friend Samm and I threw some

What’s Up Wednesday: Round Up of Round Ups for Infused Water

They’re so pretty, those infused waters! And

Painted Pots

This post could also be titled: I haven’t

Summer Bucket List

This is not me being creative… this is me

Menu Plan featuring Spring Vegetables

I feel like I’ve done this before. This menu

What’s Up Wednesday: UGH! Summer Clothes Shopping

Yes, I hate to shop for clothes. I’d love to

What’s Up (Wordless) Wednesday!

Mostly wordless… of course.  ;)

Book Review: Collage Lab

No, not collEge lab, like chemistry lab or materials

Egg Week: White Patterns on Colored Eggs!

Easter!  And eggs!! I LOVE decorating Easter

What’s Up Wednesday: Get Linked! Oats and More

Oatmeal season isn’t over until I stop sleeping

What’s Up Wednesday: Early Spring Menu Plan

Spring here is a mash-up of sunny clear days mixed

Keeping Track of: Decorative Scissors

Another little step has been taken in my quest to be

What’s Up Wednesday!

What’s Up?!  What’s up is that I’ve

Motivation Monday!

Right?  Right. I thought it was about time for

What’s Up Wednesday: A February Get Linked Post!

Aren’t those bleeding hearts beautiful? This

What’s Up Wednesday: Superbowl Pin-spiration

What’s up today?  Well I finished my state

Tag-Style Rewards Board

A couple things to start off with — I’ve

What’s Up Wednesday: Do You Have an Ironing Station?

What’s up with your ironing space? Do you iron

What’s Up Wednesday: Gail’s January Inspirations!

Looking for inspiration? It seems to be a January

New Year, New Flavors!

A new year, some new flavors!  I got a few cookbooks

2014: Just Make Stuff

2014: Just Make Stuff. The subtitle should be Lots of

Looking Ahead: Sam’s Plan for 2014 PLUS Monthly Challenges for All!

I hope the end of your holiday season went off with

Operation Christmas Child

I can’t tell you how busy today has been.

December 2013 Free Printable Calendar!

November and December are my busiest months as far as

What’s Up Wednesday: Pinspiration

What’s up?  What’s up is that all

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!  Are you dressing up today??  My

What’s Up Wednesday! Get Linked: Gift Boxes

I love containers: useful or cute, preferably both!

What’s Up Wednesday: Pin-spiration

We are starting a new “thing” on

Take a Little Time

Today I’m putting this in the ‘Life &

Wednesday Forgetfulness!

EEK! It’s my Wednesday! Here’s a peek at

Is it fall yet? Get Linked: Pumpkin Crazy!

I know the official start of fall isn’t for a

Wordless Wednesday: Kitchen Sights This Week

The red bowl has a long history. I’ve

Back from “Labor” Day!

Because she is here!! Abigail Marie — Abbi for

Wordless Wednesday: Waiting…

Today puppy and I are taking a break, and just…

Spent the Day Reading

Yesterday was National Book Lover’s Day! I

Wordless Wednesday: Mystery

A mystery post! Maybe not so mysterious… Gail

Get Linked! Searching for Inspiration

I’m having a summer drought in my fields of

Happy Father’s Day!!

I know I’m a day late as far as Father’s

A Natural Cold Congestion Treatment

I feel miserable today. I have a cold. Not just any

Beer & Diapers?

hehehe, isn’t this awesome?  my hubs is having

Pamper Yourself

Pamper yourself… or rather pamper myself!!

Motivation Monday: Goals!

I felt like it was time for another Motivation

Mother’s Day Wishes

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, moms-to-be,

Happy Mother’s Day!

I couldn’t resist sharing this Mother’s

Mini-Bouquets from my (Herb) Garden

The sun is out! The sky is clear! The rhododendrons

Cupcake Break

So I’ve been working on this crochet slipper

Get Linked: What’s Making Me Happy Today

I think Sam’s “Happy Colors” blog

Skittle Reveal…

In Thursday’s Post I was a little

Get Linked: Spring!

Easter is so early this year! I am glad, because

Wordy Wednesday: Bread!

You may remember the photo above because I used it as

Out of the House!

Ok.  Here is the thing:  I love creating.

Organization vs. Creativity: the Spice Cabinet

I have a theory that it takes some true creativity to

Two for One! (DIY Chalkboard Mirror +1 More)

Today I’ve got two things for you, scroll down

Motivation Monday!

Whether you have to work today or you get to take the

Looking ahead…

Today I was feeling SO uninspired.  I had a ton of

HAPPY 2013! A Look Back

Today it is my turn to show you my top posts of 2012.

Sam’s Top Posts of 2012!

Happy New Year’s Eve!  Can you believe it is

Get Linked! Do You See What I See?

I see snow! Today as I traveled over Snoqualmie Pass,

Happy Birthday to ME!

Yup, It’s my birthday.  And as a present to

Happy Halloween and our 100th Post!

Today is a cause for celebration at 2create!  It is

Cute and Informative Tag!

A friend was looking for someone to create a couple

Get Linked! Gray and…

Above are the results of a “gray and”

Get Linked: Take-out Menu Inspiration

I may be admitting too much here, but this is the

Get Linked! & Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!  I hope you are enjoying a wonderful

Get Linked! My Perfect Creative Studio

Today’s post is brought to you by a Very Lonely

Book Review: Kindle Free Section!

As per the definition on the sleep screen of my

Get Linked! China Adventures

I’m leavin… on a jet plane… (was

Summer Nails!

Ok.  I know, I know, you probably didn’t want

Book Review: Embellishing with Anything

Today I am reviewing a book that has boosted my

Go-To Gift Wrap: Kraft Paper!

You may as well hear it from me here in my second

Get Linked! Blue Stars and Red Stripes

Welcome to our blog! This is my first post

Monday is Launch Day!

Please come back on Monday June 25, when we’ll

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