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One Hundred Days Until…

2017-09-23 10.40.12Gail here — Sam and I have been plotting behind the scenes again! We miss blogging! I especially miss the creative discipline. I’m all for reframing our absence here as a temporary suspension, and that we will resume. So much easier on the heart and mind :) We will continue to work at *resuming* our blogging as the weeks roll by!

Obligatory excuse paragraph: On our last bit of off-site blogging, we both faltered with the #100dayproject, 100 Days of Making, on instagram because … well, she has so many balls to juggle in her life! And I became overwhelmed learning to draw the way I was doing — my brain could not shut off the observation channel and I needed a break. OK, that’s that. Done! 

Part of our discussion has been how we had regrets about not finishing that series of 100 days. We liked it! So we decided to pick something we are truly likely to stick to for that long; something based on activities similar to what we are already doing, actually. And nothing about the 100 Day Project concept says it has to start on a certain day or be coordinated by a certain authority. It is open to any individual at any time to begin.

I did a little research and found the root of the current 100 day movement, which has become worldwide and calendar-wide. Design expert Michael Bierut taught a workshop for grad students in design at Yale beginning 2006, challenging them to choose a design operation they could repeat daily, and do so for 100 days. It was purely elective, and many did not finish.

Here is a quote from near the end of this article about Michael Bierut and his original 100 Day Project that gave me some clarity on the ultimate purpose, or goal, of the project.

“People have asked me many times to say what, exactly, is the point of this project. I’ve always had a fascination with the ways that creative people balance inspiration and discipline in their working lives.” –Michael Bierut

Here is another article about the spring/summer 100 Days of Making project on instagram, http://www.whatdesigncando.com/2015/02/27/process-great-surrender/

And so we counted days. OK — Sam counted days and I checked her math, and we discovered that there are exactly 100 days from today to the very last day of the year. September 23rd through December 31st, including the 23rd, is exactly 100 days. So timely for our ideas!

(And kinda extra cool on my end, as today is my birthday. All these years and I never knew my birthday was 100 days from the end of the year!)

And so we begin. Today. 

Please feel free to tag along on instagram! (Did you see what I did there?)  Use the hashtag #last100daysof2017 as we will be doing. I just made that up. I hope Sam likes it well enough haha! 

See our daily efforts on instagram, https://www.instagram.com/2createincolor/ 

See a few selections of our 100 days as they happen, and always some other stuff, on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/2CreateinColor/

Right here on the blog, see a weekly post from each of us showing our progress, and a few What’s Up Wednesday features, and then more creative projects as the momentum picks up! I’m excited to show you my collaged file folders that I teased on instagram over the last couple weeks!

Happy last 100 days of 2017~


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