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Morning Moments

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Momentum.  Mom mentioned that word in her last post (which you should go read because it introduces our next series).  It feels like a good word for this season.  We just started all the fall things, school and routines.  All the things you let go of in the summer so you can adventure without being quite as tied down to home.  I love them both.  I love the freedom (and warmth) of summer, going hiking, and camping and exploring, not caring what programming we’ll miss with preschool or small groups that are our norm.  But I love home.  I’m a homebody.  And as much as I love adventure… I also love my PJs.  I like coffee and sleeping in (as much as the girls will let me) and regular times to do life with my people.  So I’m loving being back in those routines.  And getting that momentum going again.  Thank you fall.  :)

I need momentum these days… Mom was right, I juggle a lot of balls.  A four year old preschooler, a two year old (equal parts cuddle and crazy), mops leader, small group leader, my photography business (the most consistently busy I’ve ever been: hello full-time working hours many weeks), and to top it all off… I just started my master’s degree!  (Let’s not forget all the normal stuff like: being married, running a home, friends and family I love and want to invest in, etc, etc…)  But as we approached this new season and I sat down to write out my priorities, I couldn’t leave creativity behind.  It might not look the same, or as often, but it couldn’t just be limited to my job… because lets face it, after six years as much as I love my job, it’s still a job a lot of the time.  (I’ll never love tedious hours editing on the computer) Enter: the last 100 days of 2017, the resuming of creative adventures as we close out this year.  Building momentum in the creative area I’ve been missing.  And to ease myself back into the habit I started with a Morning Moments series.  All photos, all moody black and whites, all playing with natural light and shallow depth of field, all taken before noon, one a day.  As chaotic as my life can be right now, I needed this creative outlet to ground me in the tiny moments so they don’t pass me by.

So here’s my introduction to the series of Sam’s Morning Moments.  You can head to instagram to see the descriptions, (and all of the 8000 hashtags I LOVE using), but in this post I’ll let the series speak for itself.

100morningmoments 002100morningmoments 003100morningmoments 004100morningmoments 005100morningmoments 006100morningmoments 007100morningmoments 008100morningmoments 009100morningmoments 010100morningmoments 011

Excited to see this progress, and excited to be back talking to you again!  See you soon.


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