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Jelly Bean Reveal…

Jelly Beans 001

It feels like not that long ago I was showing you a whole bunch of Skittles for Abbi’s gender reveal.  But it’s already that time again when we get to announce this next baby.

And naturally… naturally there had to be a candy involved.  duh.  We’ve been calling it “the bean”… hence Jelly BEANS!  So in the same Skittle Reveal fashion, here we go again:

Jelly Beans 001Jelly Beans 002Jelly Beans 003Jelly Beans 004Jelly Beans 005

GIRL!  Again, I was a little surprised at our next little lady… what is with me and thinking I’m pregnant with boys?!

But I’m really happy Abbi is going to have a little sister, I am really looking forward to the bond they are going to share.  And Aaron being outnumbered… that’ll forever be fun too ;)


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