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Skittle Reveal…


In Thursday’s Post I was a little cryptic about why I spent my morning photographing Skittles.  Well, it’s actually kind of a long story (ok… i mean, as long of story as there can be about skittles)…

Long before I even got pregnant, my sister-in-law and I were talking about babies and in a message to me, she wrote something along the lines of… “when you get to have your little skittle…”

And then I mentioned that to Aaron.  And Aaron loves Skittles.  (And I love anything sweet).  And then our unborn (at the time un-conceived) child got this nickname that just STUCK.

So here we are more than a year later with this little Skittle in my belly.  :)

And TODAY… we got to find out if that little Skittle was pink or blue… hence the photoshoot with some Tropical Skittles… which resulted in a five day countdown on my personal facebook page to today’s big reveal…

If for some reason there is any confusion (due to monitor colors I realize it may look red or orange…)….  it is pink…. GIRL!

My husband, Aaron, and I are having a GIRL!!!  I’m still in shock because I was so convinced I had a little guy in there, but I am also SO THRILLED!!

And our little lady is perfectly healthy and average sized for the 20 weeks that she is!  Thank goodness.  :)

Now that you are updated on my new family addition, come back and see my new craft room addition on Wednesday!  (Not quite as life-altering as this, but I’m still pretty dang excited about it!!)


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