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Happy Halloween!


It’s Halloween!!  I LOVE Halloween!  I think it’s the kid in me… or the sweet tooth in me!  ;)  I don’t usually go all out dressing up, but I adore handing out candy and miss my parents’ neighborhood that gets hundreds of trick-or-treaters! (as compared to the 2-6 we get)

This year though, since Abbi is a little more than a roly-poly Skittle, we are going to our church’s Trunk-or-Treat!  In fact our car will be decked out in all things spiders!

Last minute yesterday I realized that Abbi didn’t actually have a little bucket or anything she could trick-or-treat with though, so I quick saved this recently-emptied licorice tub out of the recycle bin and decorated it for our little lady!  Now it’ll match the spidery car and the red from her costume… a little ladybug!  

A little ladybug who better watch out or she’ll be caught in the spider’s web!  ;)


I’ll be wearing the awesome spider witch’s hat I found and then all things warm I can find to go with it!  ;)

I hope you all have a safe and awesome Halloween!


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