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Costume for Abbi

What else could Abbi, aka Skittle, be for Halloween than A SKITTLE???

I threw together a quick costume for my most adorable, cute, sweet, precious little grandaughter (I’m not biased or anything :D ) Figuring out the 3-D costume challenged my engineering skills! I eventually ended up with a tissue paper pattern from which I cut the back, then modified the pattern and cut the front. Whew!

Headliner fabric is the base of this costume. That’s the gray stuff. You can buy it at JoAnn in tan, gray, or black. It is a thin foam with a knit bonded surface on one side; you see it probably everyday… it’s the stuff that the ceiling of your vehicle is lined with! It’s great for making flexible dimensional items. Your home sewing machine will handle it just fine.

Some pink knit covered the headliner, temporarily adhered to it with Elmer’s Craft Bond spray.

A zipper goes in with an improvised welt opening and my favorite WonderTape adhesive.

A few pieces of elastic at the bottom back leg openings and the neck front to keep the knit from bagging. You might notice the costume isn’t exactly round. Put a squirmy almost-3-month-old in it and it gets rounder!

Inside, ribbons attached at the shoulders, front and back, will be used to anchor the top of the costume to Abbi’s shoulders and upper arms. Also inside, a bit later, I did lots of handstitching of the fabric to the foam and then trimming at each opening — a very make-do facing technique. It’s just a costume, but it also has to hold up through the evening!

Then a quick one-time-use stencil of an “S” printed off my computer for the final touch on the front of the costume!

Sam promises pictures on Friday of Abbi wearing the costume, so I’ll include them both here and in my Friday post as a spotlight at the end of my MMMMMmmmmm!!! soup review :)

(edited in — photo and comment below)

I can see some technical changes I would make in the pattern — the front needs to be a lot shorter!!! But at least my neckline plus inner shoulder ties, as planned, keeps her head from falling inside! This went from planning to sewing without any fittings; she’s wearing straight off the machine.

I love that sweet face :)

Happy Candy Day! The Butterfingers are ripe — I love Butterfinger season ;)


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