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Inspiration Week: House & Home

House & Home Inspiration_0001

I don’t know what it is about Ikea catalogs.  Well, I do… sorta…

It’s beautiful graphics,

It’s pretty furniture,


It’s really good writing.

But seriously… I could almost cry reading some of these blurbs in the Ikea catalog: “Because if everyone can make the everyday begin and end in a nice way, just imagine the effect on life.  Wouldn’t it simply be better?”

So begins inspiration week.  Each day a different category… today: House & Home.

House & Home Inspiration_0002

I think part of the thing I love, are their color combos and this whimsical way they put things together.  

Banners on the ceilings in kids rooms, love!  

Bright color on complementing bright color (and teal, obviously)!  

And monochromatic with POPs of color, beautiful!

House & Home Inspiration_0003

I want this ^^  

“adds personality and calmness”

“takes away frustration”

“supports how you want to live”  

Ok, can you sign me up please?

House & Home Inspiration_0004

Since we are talking inspiration here… it is perfectly acceptable for me to be all over the page.  Hence super bright couch vs muted teal cabinet.  I would like them both please… um, but… probably not in the same room.

And also, I just really want that gray sofa, it looks so wide and roomy and comfy… and yet that room looks so modern.  How do you do that?  Inspiration week is right.

House & Home Inspiration_0005

“extra padded seats for those multi-hour meals”  <–  I need some more cushions!

House & Home Inspiration_0006

Inspiration in these: dark furniture (love), cheap pretty rugs (may already have one in the nursery), adorable little kid furniture (duh), and armchairs in the dining room (hello?).

House & Home Inspiration_0007

And can I also just say, Ikea has some pretty genius advertising peeps… suggesting upside down vases as temporary greenhouses?  <– now I want new vases LOL

I also would really like some striped accent plates, and can you tell me more about tradition Turkish Tea Time?  Because then I might need that tray too.

So, in closing… get yourself an Ikea catalog.  and Drool.

Or maybe you shouldn’t, because then you’ll just be tempted to buy things, and re-decorate your house… but I guess that’s sorta what inspiration is all about.  ;)

What was that wording again… “Because if everyone can make the everyday begin and end in a nice way, just imagine the effect on life.  Wouldn’t it simply be better?”

yeah, better.


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