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What’s Up Wednesday: Kitchen Herbs Update

Kitchen Herbs Update @ 2createincolor.com

4 months.  I’ve kept non-cactus plants alive for 4 months!

That’s BIG news people!  (catch up on the back story here and here)

Kitchen Herbs Update @ 2createincolor.com

In fact, we’ve actually eaten some of those chives!!  (and some little teensy weensy basil leaves)

Kitchen Herbs Update @ 2createincolor.comKitchen Herbs Update @ 2createincolor.com

And while, yes, there are still some issues with my plant skills… (crowded basil anybody?) I’m pretty impressed that I have some useable herbs in my kitchen!

Kitchen Herbs Update @ 2createincolor.com

Except for the rosemary… c’mon little plants, grow!  (I did actually read recently that growing rosemary from seed can take a looooooooong time to have useable herbs… so phew, not my fault.)


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