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Dads & Colored Thumbs & Little Herb Flags

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Ok, so Mom and I are always on here talking about all the things we love and all the things we have in common and crafting, etc.

But today, today I want to talk about my Dad.

In common… well my Dad and I both love tv… let’s start there.  Because, inevitably at least one conversation every time we get together involves tv somehow.  Who we like on Amazing Race, what new shows we like, what shows we’ve dropped from our watching line-up, which guilty pleasure shows we’ve kept watching even though they probably aren’t that great (I thought about admitting which one here, and then promptly deleted it).

And then there’s this other thing my Dad and I have in common… or rather… that we really, really don’t have in common.  That would be the color of our thumbs (figuratively speaking).



Herb Flags_0002

We always had plants in our house growing up.  And I have vivid memories of watching him make the watering-rounds.

And when I left for college, moving out on my own… he gave me a plant.  And instructions on how to keep it alive.

Well… I killed the first one.

Forgot to water it?

Over-watered it?

I’m not sure I remember… although since then I’ve done both to multiple plants.

He’d give me a new starter, more instructions and I’d try again.  And people…

these were SELF WATERING POTS… it shouldn’t be that hard… but for me… it just was.

I remember multiple phone conversations telling my Dad I killed another one.  Or rather that I thought this one particular plant (I think even, the second one he gave me) was dead, and how could I save it.  Which I did a couple of times.

But because I’d almost killed that plant SO many times it had only grown taller and not filled in… and looked rather odd.  But hey, it was alive…

Herb Flags_0003

Fast forward a few more years, a few more failed attempts at keeping plants alive, that one plant I’d almost killed several times (which at the end of college, was in fact still alive, but very odd looking)… and I moved with my new hubby into our first home.

And what did my Dad get us for a housewarming present?

A plant.

But I think he’d caught on by now… he gave us a pretty good starter off his Christmas CACTUS.

Which was nice too, because a few months into home-ownership I finally killed that almost-died-and-survived-again-many-times-odd-looking-plant-from-college.  (It got shoved in the spare bedroom which was mostly storage space for a while and was forgotten about…oops)

Fast forward a few more years, my Christmas Cactus has finally bloomed two years in a row, and I’ve also kept another little cactus alive on my kitchen counter for a while.

And yes… I realize they are cacti… but the fact that I’ve kept two plants alive (and more than barely surviving) for a while has me feeling a little adventurous.

So… I’m planting herbs.  And hoping for a little kitchen counter herb garden.

Herb Flags_0004

I do not, I repeat, I DO NOT have high expectations. But seeds are cheap, and Aaron was already planting some hot peppers (he does this every year), so I figured I’d go for it.

Plus, I got to make these cute little flags for my herbs to tell them apart until they <hopefully> turn into useable alive plants.

Wish me luck Dad.


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