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This is a pot pourri post that doesn’t have anything to do with dried flowers or aromas! I’m working a little locker hooking kit to try out different materials and styles than I normally use. I have also — after 9 months — taken my new macro lens out of its box, put it on my camera, and shot some pics.

I LOVE CLOSE-UPS!!! It is the detail-oriented part of me that wanted, and will now have way too much fun with, this lens that I received from my hubby last fall. Sam won’t allow me to shoot anymore with the zoom lens I used to fake my macro shots with ;) 

And color… 

Lime green and turquoise — love them together! My phone cover looks like something a child would carry because … well, see? 


When I saw the fabric in this Color Crazy locker hooking kit in person, I had to smile! With some gorgeous midnight blue and a strong gold to bracket the lime and turquoise on the color wheel, I shook off any reservations I might have had about working a kit. This is a companion kit to the book I reviewed for you recently, Locking Loops or its predecessor Hook, Loop & Lock by Theresa Pulido.  (By the way, that last title makes a great tongue twister!)


I don’t normally use kits, enjoying the process of making all my own selecctions, but I also enjoy challenging myself to work outside my comfort zone. So, I tackled this one mostly for that reason even though it is a beginner kit and I am not a locker hooking beginner.

I am going for a plaid effect, but I underestimated one of the colors and will have to abandon the plaid pattern shortly. However, that’s yet another enticing challenge, isn’t it? I’ll have this finished and tell you more about it next week!


In the future, you’ll probably be seeing a lot more close-up shots! Also, I’ve finally started using our Photoshop Actions from A Beautiful Mess. I’m loving this one called Summer, dialed down a certain amount. It really brings out a summery color profile, and it is June here at 2 Create *In Color* :) I used it for the romper pics, too.

Happy (colorful) (locker) hooking!


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