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Kitchen Magnet Board

Today I bring to you another MOPS craft.  I’m wishing I had their creative brain because the last project and this project are SO simple and SO awesome!

They gave us all cookie sheets that had been spray painted black and then we could decorate them as we saw fit.  Some people made chore lists, others made menu plans…

I… didn’t make anything.  LOL.

Well I did, but not at the MOPS meeting… Abbi got hungry, so while the others crafted, I fed the little monkey and chatted, and then took my cookie sheet home to finish.

I decided to not categorize my board and just make it pretty so I could pop anything up there kitchen-y with a magnet.

Luckily I had that awesome herb paper to glue down to the cookie sheet as a backer.  And I buffed up the edges of the painted cookie sheet to make it a little distressed looking, and added the twine as the hanger!

I didn’t even have to ask Aaron to hang it for me, as there has been that nail in the cupboards on your way into my kitchen since we moved in.  About time I hung something up there… 4 years later.  ;)

Besides the spray painting, which I didn’t do.  This simple little craft only took me a matter of minutes, and I can’t believe how much it spruces up that little blank space!  Yay!

Hope you have a creative weekend!


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