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Simple Burlap Table Runner

Recently Abbi and I joined MOPS!  It’s so awesome to get to meet local mommies and share a good breakfast and some social time with these ladies!  During our bi-monthly meetings we sometimes get to do crafts!  And last week’s craft was too good not to share.

PLUS… it is SO SO easy!!

All we did was take a cut piece of burlap and fray the edges.  Then we had some computer print offs of various words which we traced onto the burlap with permanent marker.

And that’s it… throw it on the table for a little rustic table runner and call it good!

However…  my crafty mind got thinking about all the ways you could customize this for yourself…

The obvious to change the words and font to something that suits you and your family.  You could also change the size and shape of your piece of burlap or have more or less fringe at the edges.

You could use the extra strands of burlap from making the fringe to create little bows to tie onto it.

You could draw designs on there, or do this with your kids too!  You could add colors, or you could even sew some embroidery thread designs onto it too!

I think this would look great layered on other table cloths/runners, and you could leave space for a centerpiece (like I did), or not!  So many ways you could make this simple little craft work for your home!!

I’m certainly loving mine!


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