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I got a shipment of the COOLEST craft supplies yesterday! You’ll be seeing bits and pieces as I use them, but one thing really inspired me last night.

The scraps from some clearance chipboard letters I ordered.

Yes, you read that right! The scraps. The pieces from the letters’ interior spaces. From a clearance item, no less.

If I am placing an order online, I *always* check the clearance section. I  usually don’t buy things right when they first come out, so clearance sections have items that are oh-yeah-ho-hum to other shoppers but are hey-that’s-interesting and oh-boy-what-a-great-price-IthinkIwilltrythem to me.

So when I was here at Scarlet Lime ordering the December kit of the month because I HAD TO HAVE this shadow box (!!!) I also ordered some clearance chipboard letters — 2 sets: I take one of each letter and keep it for tracing, and the others I use like normal.

A necessary detour in the story:  My mom stopped by while I was still admiring my new toys from Scarlet Lime. She thought I needed these teal green earrings. She was right. Thanks, Mom! (and no, Sam, they might be your favorite color but you can’t have them.) I was sorting out the letters and pushing aside the chipboard scraps as Mom and I sat and chatted.

After she left, the little box from the earrings and the scraps from the letters were sitting side by side. Begging to be friends. I started pushing the scraps around, when Suddenly! I had a flash of crafty inspiration!

I love flashes of crafty inspiration!

It was late by then, and even though I really really wanted to start on this project, I made myself go to bed. This night owl was slowly becoming nocturnal again :/ But I am glad I made that decision because I hopped out of bed ready to craft! I am sure everything went much smoother and quicker, because I had a good night’s sleep. Well… and that pot of French Press coffee :)

So I painted, I cut and glued, I mixed paint colors (fave!), I speckled, I finger-painted, I smudged, and then I was done!

I used a variety of paints — ordinary acrylic craft paint, Americana Gloss Enamels (not very good coverage with these), and DecoArt Patio Paint. The gold metallic on the edges are also from an acrylic paint.

I’ve used the Patio Paint quite a bit on terra cotta, but never on paper. It remains kind of gummy and stretchy, but I am assuming that’s part of being a good indoor/outdoor paint.  It has great coverage.

Some Aleene’s Quick Dry glue leftover from Sam’s architecture student days, scissors, a hard plastic kitchen sponge, and some painty fingers and brushes complete the supply list. I didn’t end up using that lavender paint at all.

The box was covered with a piece of scrapbook paper, then washed with some thinned down pale blue paint. The box bottom was painted with the same shade, and the speckles are done with it.

I think I’m done. Not sure I like the gold accents on the “flower petal” pieces (below, and top.) I might tweak some things. Suggestions? I like to hear other ideas!

Oh, and those sun rays in the pictures, and the brilliant exposures? I’m showing off that we had bright sun today! Hurray! I sat in a sunny window while I worked and it was fabulous :)

I’ve decided this box is what I’ll carry earrings in when I travel. Layered between two pieces of batting, they’ll be nice and safe in my luggage. Like when I go back to Arizona again. In 3 1/2 weeks :) I should start looking for a crochet project!


Now, not only have I created a fun crafty mosaic-topped box for myself, I’ve also created another excuse reason to keep all those little bits. Because, ya know, they just might come in handy some day ;)



  • Marjolein - Hi Gail,
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog.
    Your lovely comment is a real encouragement.
    Marjolein.01.14.2013 – 6:53amReplyCancel

  • Kiersten @ Oh My Veggies - So beautiful! I love the colors you used.01.14.2013 – 6:02pmReplyCancel

  • admin - Thank you, Kiersten!

    … and Marjolein, you are welcome. Looking forward to more visits!

    Gail01.15.2013 – 4:40pmReplyCancel

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