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Crochet Ribbing Fall Scarf

I have made a new Life Rule:

When in Arizona, crochet!

Well, maybe not a rule but it certainly seems to be my custom!

I am visiting my daughter Becca in Arizona; you might remember my blogging from here during July. It’s much cooler now, and although the stereotypical signs of fall – leaves turning color, frosty mornings, jackets and scarves – are missing, I know it will get colder and feel like winter to Becca at some point.

So I decided to crochet her a scarf. She might not wear it for warmth, but I hope she’ll enjoy it as an accessory.

One of those free project tear-sheets from a yarn company caught my eye at the store. The pattern was for a hat, but the texture of the crochet stitches was cool so I took it and am working the scarf in that pattern.

It’s a Front Post Triple Crochet alternating with Double Crochet on one side; working across the back side it is Back Post Triple Crochet alternating with Double Crochet. The post stitches raise up off the front surface, and when they are stacked one above another they form a very strong rib pattern.

If you make a mistake on this pattern, it is immediately obvious! Any disruption to those strong ribbed lines really shows up!

You alternate with double crochet stitches because they match the height of the triple-tall post stitches. Triple-tall… hmm, triple tall nonfat latte, please!

To start and end the scarf, I worked 4 rows in Back Loop Single Crochet which gives a small horizontal line. Between the border and the main pattern, one row of double crochets (also worked in just the back loop) provides the proper set up for beginning the rib pattern, and a matching transition at the end. Start with an odd number of single crochets

This scarf started off with 15 single crochets and is a bit less than 5 inches wide. I am using a K hook with yarn-weight-symbol 4 yarn — it’s on the thick side of that range – to make sure the stitches are loose enough to give a nice supple result.

This project is providing nice breaks from working on my AWESOME Christmas Tree Challenge trees…  I am SO gonna win. You’ve been warned, Sam!


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