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Countdown to Christmas!

Remember when I told you last week about the Pinterest Party I went to?  Well, I never actually showed you the craft we did at the party!  I’m only showing you today because I FINALLY got it hung up in my house!

I realize that it is an advent calendar and you are supposed to use it starting on the 1st, but that’s ok, I’ll just start my countdown today!  The original crafter’s is posted here.  If you go look at the original you can see I changed mine up a little.  I used different colors, and I rounded the pockets!  (I heart my corner punch!)  ALSO… it is really hard to make things even and lined up and I can be somewhat of a perfectionist at times, which is why I put all my pockets at angles… it is harder to notice if they aren’t completely matching in placement!

You can customize what the tags say too!  Since it is just hubby and me I did things we would enjoy… Cocoa by the fire, Driving around to see Christmas lights, Decorating the house, Watching White Christmas… etc.  But you could make the tags for each day say whatever you want!  Get creative!  You could attach the two sheets together with ribbon, but I just put some glue dots on the back and glued them to the wall!  :)

I’m getting SO excited for Christmas, and the Christmas party festivities are starting to ramp up this weekend for me with an Ugly Sweater Party and a Cookie Exchange!  Hope you are getting to enjoy the holidays too!


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