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Jingle all the Way!

This past Saturday I went to a Pinterest Party!  All the guests brought a food or beverage that they found on Pinterest, and then we were going to make two Christmas crafts we found on Pinterest too!  I made this yummy baguette, so good!!  (and the extra spread was SO good on bagels this week!)  The party was great!  I got to bring my best friend, we got to meet fun new people, we had great food and drinks, and got to be creative on top of all that!  Our intention was to do two crafts, but the one we picked first was fairly involved so we spent the majority of the party working on it.

*note to self: should craft with others more often, it really gets the creative juices flowing bouncing ideas around!*

Anyway, I was staying over at my friend’s house that night so we decided to conquer the second craft since we already had all the supplies!  This craft is so cute, and super easy!

You can see the directions here on the original crafter’s blog.  The only changes we made were to use stickers for ‘Jingle all the Way’ instead of a vinyl premade phrase.

This craft would be super easy to mix up too.  You could use different colored jingle bells, different scrapbook paper for the background, different sized shadowboxes, and varied ribbons too!

Mine is above, and you can see how my friend’s turned out below!

I thought it was cute how Samm (yes, my best friend and I share the same name, only she has two M’s) put the snowflake stickers on the outside too!  Now we both have a cute Christmas shadowbox for our homes!


  • admin - Why have I never seen this on Pinterest? I thought I was connected! I am totally going to make some of these with those glittery bells I can never figure out what to do with but had to have. ….. and about that “note to self” don’t forget about your blogging partner —>Gail ;)12.06.2012 – 11:25amReplyCancel

  • Sammantha - Ahhh I had a blast bestie! :) Couldn’t agree with you more on the crafting with friends more often.12.06.2012 – 3:12pmReplyCancel

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