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Save it for Later: Roasted Peppers!

Remember those $2 bags from my local produce market?  Well, they had them when I went the other day and there were a couple filled with little sweet peppers!  They had some blemishes on the skin, but I knew immediately that I could turn them into some roasted peppers for future use!  Those jarred roasted red peppers can be expensive, and I like using them on all sorts of things!  So why not make my own?!

I halved the peppers before I roasted them.  If they had been big bell peppers I might have waited to cut and seed them until after roasting, but I thought it might be easier to do it before hand since they were smaller and there were more of them.  I tossed them in some olive oil before putting them under the broiler.

I roasted them until charred and then peeled off all the skins!  Quite the pile to use in the future!  I’m thinking: on a panini, in some hummus, in pasta… the list could go on!  :)

To make them easier to use in the future, I divided the roasted peppers into 1/2 cup and 1/4 cup portions and vacuum sealed them for the freezer!  (that was after i ate a few in the process… i had to make sure they were up to standards)  ;)  Now I can pull out enough to defrost for just one recipe!



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