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Shrimp & Salsa Pasta!

Back from China = coming home to an empty fridge!  And I mean empty!  I had some sauerkraut and bbq sauce and hershey’s syrup… believe it or not this doesn’t amount to a good dinner.  ;)  Mom picked me up from the airport so after a quick stop at home we headed out to the local outdoor produce market.  We grabbed one of their $2 bags of banged up produce and some local pasta and then pulled some shrimp out of the freezer… perfection!

The produce bag had tomatoes, tomatillos, red bell pepper, poblanos, jalapenos and an avocado.  Perfect for salsa, which we used as a sauce!

First we roasted all the fresh stuff, and Mom peeled the skins off (I was battling exhaustion from a 12 hour flight and the 15hour time difference so I watched, camera-in-hand, while she did most of the work… THANK YOU!)  Then we pureed most of the roasted stuff, cooked the shrimp in garlic, cooked the pasta in water plus some of the juice from cooking the shrimp, and then mixed it all up!  Served with ripe avocado and fresh cilantro!  So YUMM.  and so happy there are left overs for me today!!  :)

Make it.  And yes, that is a command… so good!  The spicy of the poblano and jalapeno is perfection on the shrimp and the creamy avocado pairs so nicely!  Off to eat some more now!



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