The Craft Room

A Tea Towel Becomes Christmassy

So, wow, life! Quit getting in the way of my

Stitches to Go

I just picked up a new little project to take with me

Inspiration Week: The Craft Room

Since I’ve been sorting out my messy room full

Watercoloring with Stencils and Markers

Well, there’s no cheating in art, and

Quick Project — Another Bag

Something simple to work on while I am busy playing

Locker Hook in Plaid! and Kit Review

I got crazy with my Color Crazy locker hooking kit!

Locker Hooking, Kits, Photography, Color

This is a pot pourri post that doesn’t have

More Little Bags!

I’m slowly stitching away on these little bags

Scrap Project: Game Piece Bags

I still can’t get enough of the brown linen I

Book Review! Locking Loops

I’m so excited by this book! I recently

Knotted Necklace

Imagine my surprise when I saw some necklaces in a

Dining Room Canvas Art

This is my third project that is part of a larger

Egg Week: Decoupage Eggs

Honestly, this was fun to attempt… but just not

Playday: Natural Egg Dyeing!

I had WAAAAY too much fun today in the kitchen! Way!

Egg Week: White Patterns on Colored Eggs!

Easter!  And eggs!! I LOVE decorating Easter

Canvas Art Start

I’m having this daily battle of expectations

What’s Up Wednesday: Wrapped W

Is that enough W’s for you? What up Wednesday:

A Spot of Spring

Inspired by this free pattern offered over at Craftsy

Fast Spring Bracelets

Just a quick little post here to share what happened

Something for My Future Studio

I took a break from painting my family room to…

Upcycling with Paper: Sake Box

Another paper and glue project, and just as much fun

Shamrock Wall Art

Last month I made a Valentine’s wall hanging

Four-Chain Necklace and Announcements!

I had a vision. This was it. It’s very cool

Baby Shower Wish Frame

I mentioned last Thursday about all the babies…


So a couple of months ago Aaron and I were moving

How-to: Make a Filing and Storage Page for your Borders

What’s that picture about, right? It is about

Green Beads are BACK! as Earrings

I couldn’t stand the suspense. After mentioning

Green Beads Are Best!

At least, I think green beads are best. But you might

Christmas Ornament Challenge Reveal

Woop Woop!  Today is the reveal of our Christmas

December Crafting Challenges

It’s December?!?!  YAY!!! I heart Christmas,

A “Little Bit” of Embroidery WIP

A little bit (as in unfinished) of a little

Simple Burlap Table Runner

Recently Abbi and I joined MOPS!  It’s so

A Daily Dose of Family

A daily dose of (extended) family is what I prescribe

Apple Tea Towel

Three poor unsuspecting apples. Little did they know,

Fabric Painting on Canvas

I love those little bottles of dimensional fabric

Not Your Ordinary Grandma’s Bracelet

Now that the Skittle preparations are complete at

CQ Nametag: Finished

I thought about having a Finished Friday post this

The Fun is in the Details

A few years ago, I came across a line of stencils at

Quilt Group Nametag WIP

It’s finally Friday! I hope you have good plans

Wordless Wednesday: Baby Headband Props

There’s hovertext, as always :) Gail

A Stitching Post: Chain Stitch Garden

So, this is my kind of garden! A stitched one. No

This Creative Moment Brought to You by the Letter E

There’s more than one way to express yourself

Stitching Skills-in-Progress

Last year about this time, I was struggling to be

Taking a Class During Vacation

One day here in Arizona, while Becca was at work, I

Doodle Stitching a Valentine

My embroidery supplies are taking over our family

Simple Statement

I saw a necklace online somewhere yesterday (I looked

Upcycle Mosaic

I got a shipment of the COOLEST craft supplies


Today was feeling like a ‘Create in

Merry Christmas 2012!

We 2 wish you a very merry Christmas, and so do all

Frosty the Snowman

“… he began to dance around!” This

Jingle all the Way!

This past Saturday I went to a Pinterest Party!  All

Simple Crafted Thread Trees!

I LOVE these trees.  Like really really love how they

Gail’s Challenge Trees

Yesterday, Sam and I revealed our Christmas Tree

The Big Reveal: Christmas Tree Challenge!

Remember when I issued the Christmas Tree Challenge?


You might expect that I would put up a very

Thanksgiving Earrings

Greetings from Arizona! Yes, I am back in the land of

Christmas Tree Challenge!

Christmas Tree Challenge!

Today I’m issuing a challenge!  Specifically, a


I finished!  You saw my Sneak Peek of my Boo Sign a

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Chain & Fabric Bracelets!

Today: Just some experimenting with colorful silky

WA to AZ Squares: Peek #5

Just a quick post to show you I haven’t


Is it wrong that I’m completely tickled by my

Instagram Inspiration

So today I have a little story for you, but before I

WA to AZ Squares: Peek #4

I think I added the last two squares onto the Arizona

Embroidery — the Early Years

I thought I’d share a couple old projects today. I

WA to AZ Squares: Peek #3

Short and sweet today! I’m continuing to work

W is for Wine…

W is for Wine and Wednesday and my last name!

Beachy Lettering!

Remember my ‘Beachy Backgrounds‘?  Well

Frame That Makeup!

This is the magnetic makeup-storage frame that my

A Tie-Dye Tale

Everyone has tie-dyed before! Right? Unless you are

Jewelry Repair, Sidetracked!

Inspiration: a shell necklace in need of some

WA to AZ Squares: Peek #2

I’ve been home from Arizona for 6 days, and I

Black & Teal: Easy DIY Jewelry!

So if I haven’t said it yet, or even if I

WA to AZ Squares: Peek #1

Better late than never? 2pm post instead of 2am post?

Very Basic Embroidery

A few years ago, I discovered that many fabric

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