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The Craft Room

Halloween Recap

Oh goodness.  Are you ready for 8000 pictures of

Fancy File Folders

Suddenly in August I had too many things going on

One Hundred Days Until…

Gail here — Sam and I have been plotting behind

Adventure Awaits

A quick project and a quick post.  I’m

Coloring Challenge

When I worked at the craft store a few years ago we

Pinspiration: 49 Days and Counting…

That’s right 49 days and counting… UNTIL

Paper Leaf Wreath

I made another wreath!  Only this time it is

Changing Leaves and Pinterest Fails

You guys! I’ve made it through our Fall

Felt Fall Leaves

I saw Mom on Saturday, and told her I had no idea

A Medley of Fall Bracelets

Once the hot, sweaty weather of summer is over

Embroidered Leaf Minis

I’m so excited about these little autumn

Pin-spiration: So Let’s Talk About Fall…

So let’s talk about Fall.  Mmmm, fall!

ATC Swap: Denim and Stitches

I signed up for a swap at the end of June, titled

Buttoning Up the Letter T

Button, button, who’s got the button? I do! I

What’s Up Wednesday! Get Linked to Autumn Leaves

Links, links, links! While leaves are easy to scoop

Washi Wednesday!

Washi is “What’s Up” on this

Notepad Cover from Library Card Catalog Cards

I’m the happy owner of some old card catalog

Christmas in October!

Ok, I waited as long as I could.  But as much as

More Watercoloring with Stencils — Coffee Cups

These could be teacups, I guess. Just not in my world

A Tea Towel Becomes Christmassy

So, wow, life! Quit getting in the way of my

Stitches to Go

I just picked up a new little project to take with me

Inspiration Week: The Craft Room

Since I’ve been sorting out my messy room full

Watercoloring with Stencils and Markers

Well, there’s no cheating in art, and

Quick Project — Another Bag

Something simple to work on while I am busy playing

Locker Hook in Plaid! and Kit Review

I got crazy with my Color Crazy locker hooking kit!

Locker Hooking, Kits, Photography, Color

This is a pot pourri post that doesn’t have

More Little Bags!

I’m slowly stitching away on these little bags

Scrap Project: Game Piece Bags

I still can’t get enough of the brown linen I

Book Review! Locking Loops

I’m so excited by this book! I recently

Knotted Necklace

Imagine my surprise when I saw some necklaces in a

Dining Room Canvas Art

This is my third project that is part of a larger

Egg Week: Decoupage Eggs

Honestly, this was fun to attempt… but just not

Playday: Natural Egg Dyeing!

I had WAAAAY too much fun today in the kitchen! Way!

Egg Week: White Patterns on Colored Eggs!

Easter!  And eggs!! I LOVE decorating Easter

Canvas Art Start

I’m having this daily battle of expectations

What’s Up Wednesday: Wrapped W

Is that enough W’s for you? What up Wednesday:

A Spot of Spring

Inspired by this free pattern offered over at Craftsy

Fast Spring Bracelets

Just a quick little post here to share what happened

Something for My Future Studio

I took a break from painting my family room to…

Upcycling with Paper: Sake Box

Another paper and glue project, and just as much fun

Shamrock Wall Art

Last month I made a Valentine’s wall hanging

Four-Chain Necklace and Announcements!

I had a vision. This was it. It’s very cool

Baby Shower Wish Frame

I mentioned last Thursday about all the babies…


So a couple of months ago Aaron and I were moving

Green Beads are BACK! as Earrings

I couldn’t stand the suspense. After mentioning

Green Beads Are Best!

At least, I think green beads are best. But you might

Christmas Ornament Challenge Reveal

Woop Woop!  Today is the reveal of our Christmas

December Crafting Challenges

It’s December?!?!  YAY!!! I heart Christmas,

A “Little Bit” of Embroidery WIP

A little bit (as in unfinished) of a little

Simple Burlap Table Runner

Recently Abbi and I joined MOPS!  It’s so

A Daily Dose of Family

A daily dose of (extended) family is what I prescribe

Apple Tea Towel

Three poor unsuspecting apples. Little did they know,

Fabric Painting on Canvas

I love those little bottles of dimensional fabric

Not Your Ordinary Grandma’s Bracelet

Now that the Skittle preparations are complete at

CQ Nametag: Finished

I thought about having a Finished Friday post this

The Fun is in the Details

A few years ago, I came across a line of stencils at

Quilt Group Nametag WIP

It’s finally Friday! I hope you have good plans

Wordless Wednesday: Baby Headband Props

There’s hovertext, as always :) Gail

A Stitching Post: Chain Stitch Garden

So, this is my kind of garden! A stitched one. No

This Creative Moment Brought to You by the Letter E

There’s more than one way to express yourself

Stitching Skills-in-Progress

Last year about this time, I was struggling to be

Taking a Class During Vacation

One day here in Arizona, while Becca was at work, I

Doodle Stitching a Valentine

My embroidery supplies are taking over our family

Simple Statement

I saw a necklace online somewhere yesterday (I looked

Upcycle Mosaic

I got a shipment of the COOLEST craft supplies


Today was feeling like a ‘Create in

Merry Christmas 2012!

We 2 wish you a very merry Christmas, and so do all

Frosty the Snowman

“… he began to dance around!” This

Jingle all the Way!

This past Saturday I went to a Pinterest Party!  All

Simple Crafted Thread Trees!

I LOVE these trees.  Like really really love how they

Gail’s Challenge Trees

Yesterday, Sam and I revealed our Christmas Tree

The Big Reveal: Christmas Tree Challenge!

Remember when I issued the Christmas Tree Challenge?


You might expect that I would put up a very

Thanksgiving Earrings

Greetings from Arizona! Yes, I am back in the land of

Christmas Tree Challenge!

Christmas Tree Challenge!

Today I’m issuing a challenge!  Specifically, a


I finished!  You saw my Sneak Peek of my Boo Sign a

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Chain & Fabric Bracelets!

Today: Just some experimenting with colorful silky

WA to AZ Squares: Peek #5

Just a quick post to show you I haven’t


Is it wrong that I’m completely tickled by my

Instagram Inspiration

So today I have a little story for you, but before I

WA to AZ Squares: Peek #4

I think I added the last two squares onto the Arizona

Embroidery — the Early Years

I thought I’d share a couple old projects today. I

WA to AZ Squares: Peek #3

Short and sweet today! I’m continuing to work

W is for Wine…

W is for Wine and Wednesday and my last name!

Beachy Lettering!

Remember my ‘Beachy Backgrounds‘?  Well

Frame That Makeup!

This is the magnetic makeup-storage frame that my

A Tie-Dye Tale

Everyone has tie-dyed before! Right? Unless you are

Jewelry Repair, Sidetracked!

Inspiration: a shell necklace in need of some

WA to AZ Squares: Peek #2

I’ve been home from Arizona for 6 days, and I

Black & Teal: Easy DIY Jewelry!

So if I haven’t said it yet, or even if I

WA to AZ Squares: Peek #1

Better late than never? 2pm post instead of 2am post?

Re-Purposed Furniture: Craft Room Style

Exercise, Noon Wine and Meditation = S (Sam) =

Very Basic Embroidery

A few years ago, I discovered that many fabric

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