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Daring to Wonder


This isn’t going to be the most refined post I’ve ever written, but this is me attempting to make a post even amidst a week of sick kiddos who require #alltheattention. In fact they are currently sitting in my lap. No joke. If my hair was brushed I might throw up a selfie as proof, but it’s not so you are just going to take my word for it. So while they are tucked cuddling together watching Dinosaur Train, I’m holding phone above heads and attempting to post! 

Let’s talk books. Mom and I both have goals this year to read more! I’ve definitely started out strong! Three done, two more underway. I think they all fit in Modern Mrs Darcy 2017 Reading Challenge categories we are using to expand our horizons.

A book with a reputation of being un-put-down-able: The Girl on the Train. Yes, it definitely fits that category. I had this book finished by January 3rd. I loved that it was told from three different perspectives. And I honestly have always loved stories where so many story lines weave together in unexpected ways as the book wraps up. Also, as a person who is a natural observer (yes, I love people watching) just the fact that this story stems out of an observation of people the main character doesn’t even know was an intriguing plot line. I think the hype I heard about this book was true; definitely worth the read!

A book set somewhere you’ve never been but would like to visit: The Magnolia Story.  Do you like the show Fixer Upper? If so, this book is awesome, and also a super quick read. Even better, if you like audiobooks listen to this one as it is narrated by Chip and Joanna themselves! (And yes, I am counting audiobooks as books I’ve “read” this year). I read this last weekend, as I will be traveling to Austin, Texas in a couple weeks and I’m hoping we get to take a day to visit Waco and Magnolia Market. I was seriously laughing and crying off and on all day as I listened and read. The way God worked through their lives and the faith they had is incredible. And the hilarious stories that just stem from Chip being Chip, well… you just can’t help but laugh along. 

A book about books or reading: The Well of Lost Plots. This is the third or fourth book in this “comic fantasy, alternate history mystery”series about a gal named Thursday Next. In this book she is living in the Well of Lost Plots and works for Jurisfiction which is basically the policing agency for all of literature and how it is written.  This author’s imagination is incredible. Just super super creative. I think if I tried to explain further it wouldn’t make sense (it probably already doesn’t), but I’d recommend reading anything written by Jasper Fforde!

Next up, I’ve started reading The Wonder which I got in my Book of the Month Club box. And Daring Greatly which was recommended to me.

Cheers to many more books in 2017!


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