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It’s Still November — Thanksgiving Decor


Just so you know the backstory here (pun intended…) I’ve been working behind the power curve all month. Just after deciding to invite 18 adults to my house for Thanksgiving at the beginning of November, my troublesome but dormant back decided to erupt with a major flare-up of something. Ten days in bed set me back (sorry!) both in prepping for Thanksgiving and blogging.

Feels good to break out my camera and snap some after-the-fact pictures of what I was able to pull off, decoration-wise, for a successful holiday gathering! It also feels good to be back on my feet, and luckily I was able to accomplish that in time to even do this decorating with what I already had on hand. 

Begin the tour by my front door…


There’s no hiding the garden feeling in my living room! A layer of fall and Thanksgiving got added… plus at dinner, my extra dining table extended into this room to add extra Thanksgiving ambiance.


The dining room and table decor — four of the nut-filled terra cotta trays held copies of our family’s blessing on the tables (which did have tablecloths at mealtime!)


The kitchen just looked like the typical messy chaos of large holiday meal prep, but my family room and powder room got a couple things tucked here and there… 


I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving if you are in the US, but whereever you are in the world I also hope you have something to be thankful for each and every day. 

Let the Christmas season begin! 


  • Diane Johnston - Gail, I love your fall decorated house. It is gorgeous…no less than I would expect from such a creative and talented lady. I love your blog too, but I am getting nothing done sitting here browsing through it. I’m glad you made it through the Thanksgiving dinner. I hope your back is better and stays that way. Enjoy these wonderful holidays!
    Diane12.01.2015 – 10:45amReplyCancel

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