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I’d eat those!

Beet Chips_0005

I love beets.  Aaron hates beets.  HATES them.  Like, I’ve-made-him-retry-them-so-many-times-he-hates-them-even-more kind of hate them.  But he knows I love them so he lovingly planted me LOTS of beets in our garden this year.

Beet Chips_0001

The only problem with that is that they are all about ready to harvest at the exact same time.  There’s only so many roasted beets a gal can eat by herself.  So I happened across a pinterest recipe for Beet Chips that I immediately knew would be worth trying.

Beet Chips_0002

The trick in this recipe is mixing in some salt and olive oil and letting the beets sit in that and let some of their liquid off… it helps them crisp up in the oven even better!  Genius!

Beet Chips_0003

I added a little sprinkling of herb salt right at the end before putting them in the oven too!  (Hello Whole Foods Tuscan Blend I’ve been hoarding!)

Beet Chips_0004

Baked them, and voila!  Beet Chips!  (PS, if you follow this recipe I’d recommend checking the chips at 30minutes, one of my trays was already a little past ready to come out of the oven at that point)

Beet Chips_0006

And the best part?  Aaron walked by and absentmindedly tried some and turned to me and said “I’d eat those!”  and then something along the lines of “congratulations, you’ve figured out a way to get me to eat beets!”  :)  And he did eat quite a bit more over the course of the evening!  Yay!

Beet Chips_0007

And we can all just agree that beets are gorgeous right?!  That’s why there are 8 bazillion photos of these beet chips… so pretty!

So anyway… beet chips.  Worth a try.  And coming from my husband that’s saying a lot!  Recipe: Oven Baked Beet Chips.


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