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Look!  A baby!  MY baby!  The newest baby that is!  :)

Eleanor Mae — Ella for short — arrived on Wednesday April 22nd at 6:14pm.

Both my girls liked to be beyond their “due date”, Ella gracing us with her presence 5 days after instead of Abbi’s 6.  That one day meant she was a little smaller than Abbi at 7lbs 2oz, and 19.5 inches long!  

I’ve been informed by Mom that those were my stats when I was born too… fun!!

So far having a new baby around is a little like riding a bike… you never forget.  I mean you do… you forget those newborn coos and noises, and how squirmy diaper changes can be, and how squishy they are… but I don’t feel the need to be constantly researching newborn stuff 24/7 so that’s pretty nice!  I (kind of) know what I’m doing this time!  ha!  Ella even gave me a 5 hour chunk of sleep in a row last night, so that is pretty sweet!

Ella hospital_0002

So far, Abbi is a little jealous of sister, but at the same time is more than willing to give her lots of kisses and loves rocking her in the cradle.  I’m not wishing away the newborn stage, but I can’t wait until they can play together!!  

Ella hospital_0003

Other than that we’re settling in nicely and I’ll be back to regular posting SOON!  Speaking of, sorry for the month and a half hiatus, but it’s been crazy town around here!  Aaron broke his wrist mountain biking about 6 weeks ago.  And I feel like saying that is a little bit of an understatement… he chipped the radius and ulna, dislocated two carpal (wrist) bones, “shredded” (as the surgeon called it) and fractured one of the major carpal bones, and had extensive nerve and ligament damage.  He had surgery, and a bone graft, and has a big screw and 5 pins currently in his wrist… his right-hand-dominant wrist by the way.  We are thankful it isn’t worse, thanks to good protective biking gear, but needless to say it’s been a little bit of an adjustment figuring out how to do things around here.  Especially in the last month of pregnancy.  With a toddler.  And a husband who isn’t allowed to do any weight-bearing activity on that right arm.  For three months total at the least.  Oy!

(I’ve managed to conveniently crop out most of his cast in the above photos, yay!  A hidden black-robo-arm for the win!)

But anyway… I miss creating, and posting!!  And so… I promise to be back soon!

With that, I’ll leave you with an…



  • dhill - Congrats to everyone and Grandma Gail!!! The pix of little Abbi kissing her sis are priceless. :)

    Best Wishes to All,
    Denise (Gail’s friend)04.30.2015 – 11:33pmReplyCancel

    • admin - Thank you Denise!! -Sam & Grandma Gail :)05.04.2015 – 5:11pmReplyCancel

  • Diane Feldman - Congratulations Sam. What a lovely family you have. Abbi and Ella are so beautiful. It is fun to think of them becoming life long loving sisters. Take care of your beautiful self and send our hugs to Aaron for having to go through this painful hand and arm recovery too. Amazing how complex your life became last month. Sounds like you are handling things magnificiently. Take each hour at a time. We are all sending hugs of love to you. We are so proud to have you in our family too. I love how you have photographed and shared these dear pictures. Love, Diane05.01.2015 – 5:40amReplyCancel

    • admin - Thank you so much Diane! I love that I get to share these moments with friends and family near and far!! Much love, Sam :)05.04.2015 – 5:10pmReplyCancel

  • Michele - Stopped by for your slipper pattern, saw your sweet baby. My middle child is Eleanor and she was 7lbs,2oz. too. :) Enjoy her!05.13.2015 – 7:09amReplyCancel

    • admin - Thank you Michele, I will! Happy Crocheting! -Sam05.13.2015 – 1:32pmReplyCancel

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