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What a Wednesday!

Wednesday-shopping_0001This is not a “What’s UP Wednesday” post, but a “What A Wednesday!” post. Come along, Instagram-style, on my shopping day with Sam (and Abbi, of course!) It started like this! 

I can get my mind around Krispy Kreme donuts and coffee to start off a good day of shopping! Sam and I like to have our coffee together on days we spend together, and since Sam was a good 15 minutes ahead of me on the way to our meeting point, she fetched us breakfast. Second breakfast for both of us, I’m pretty sure LOL But the first coffee, and that’s the key thing here. Well, aside from the obvious other key thing. 

IKEA <— Main key thing! 

Although there were only two items on the IKEA must-get list (they were both Sam’s) we each managed to haul quite a bit of stuff out of the store. Imagine that LOL! I had some shopping dilemmas… 

Wednesday-shopping IKEA dilemmas

  • One: which should I get, the gorgeous green bowl with the hand-painted design inside, or the lime green plate with the leaves? I presented this dilemma to some facebook friends. They all recommended the leaf plate. So I got both ;)
  • Two: button rug! With a GREEN button! This cute rug recently caused quite a happy uproar in a crafty internet group I am part of, and seeing it for myself (even if it was inside out) was fun :) I did not get it. I practiced the shopping method I call “love it and leave it.” Sometimes it works. 

Wednesday-shopping IMPRESS Tukwila WA

Next stop: Impress Rubber Stamps in Tukwila, WA so I could stock up on some brads and eyelets I needed. Sam had never been, Abbi fell asleep in the car, and I had a short shopping list. But we both managed to haul a bunch of stuff out of the store. Do you sense a theme here? It all started with that small collection of items in the lower left picture, above. 

Here are some featured finds from Impress. With the closing of so many local scrapbook stores, actual hands-on, eyes-on supplies are hard to find. Impress offers only a small selection of paper and other scrapbooking basics (we really raided the 6″ x 6″ pads!) but the wood-mount rubber stamps and washi tapes are amazing! 


We did not buy all of those. We may confess to buying some of those. And it’s possible you would find one or two that aren’t pictured in our sacks. Maybe. Just doing our bit to support the local economy, ya know?

A simple but beautiful card and a washi parfait… 


And our little trooper! 

Wednesday-shopping_ 2Cute

Even with only a 15 minute nap where she would normally have slept an hour or two, #happiAbbi hung in there, babbling, laughing, and keeping us entertained the whole time in Impress and on to 5 Guys Burgers and Fries for a late lunch. 

With that, we wound up our day fighting bumper to bumper traffic on I-5 (when is it not?) the kiddo conked out again, and after the major sort-out of purchases from Sam’s car to mine, I headed home. Time for jammies! 

Hope you enjoyed a peek into our very fun Wednesday! :) Follow us on Instagram! Our Facebook page often has blog news and extras, too! 


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