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Bring on the Cake!

Bring on the Cake Card_0001

Ok, so the post title might be a little confusing… because, well… no real cake.

… although this pregnancy craving self is really wishing there was right now…

BUT… I thought that stamp was a pretty cute feature on a birthday card I put together yesterday.

I’m really trying to make an effort to use the supplies I already have this year, and in turn, actually use them to make other people happy not just myself!  A little handmade birthday card was a good start to those efforts this year.  (actually, this is the second bday card I’ve made this year, I just forgot to photograph the first one before I mailed it)  <–  Oh, yeah… you heard that right.  Snail mail baby!  Who doesn’t love receiving something the good ol’ fashioned way, a little brightness mixed in with all the bills and ads!  :)

Bring on the Cake Card_0002

I really love the simple color scheme, and tying things together from the outside of the card to the inside!  And I wish you could tell in the photo, but the handwritten Happy Birthday on the inside is using the Sakura Glaze pens, and if you haven’t tried them yet, you should, because the embossed effect they give is just a pretty sweet detail!

Speaking of sweet… there I go craving cake again…


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