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More Watercoloring with Stencils — Coffee Cups

Watercolor-with-Stencils----Coffee-Cups |  2createincolor.com

These could be teacups, I guess. Just not in my world ;) 

I had to play with my new stencil and my 4 new Tombow markers using the Watercoloring with Stencils technique I showed you before here.


I have been on a bit of a shopping spree this week. It’s my birthday week, you know. Do you think that hubby would be OK with calling all my new bits and pieces of crafty stuff his birthday present to me? I get double fun from the gift that way — the enjoyment of having the items to play with, and the thrill of shopping for them. Don’t worry about my not getting something specially thought out by him. He accomplished that in a big way by 8:35 a.m. the morning of my actual birthday.

Did I tell you about my breakfast sandwich made on a maple bar already? Oh, I didn’t!


OK, well! Imagine your typical breakfast sandwich ingredients: egg, bacon, cheese. A filling combination, not very healthful, and with nothing to offer that person who likes sweets more than salty flavors, right? Enter the “can we make it worse AND better at the same time?” offerings out there in the world.

There is a hamburger drive-through in Olympia called Big Tom’s. They make breakfast. They make the “Glazed & Confused” breakfast sandwich. Take a glazed donut, slice it in half, slap it on the grill cut side down, and toast it up. Turn it glaze-side inward (that’s the Confused part) around those typical breakfast sandwich ingredients. Now you have something to offer your sweet tooth. It’s actually pretty good. Like, once every 2 years. But I wondered aloud on their Facebook page if they’d ever make me one on a maple bar if I brought them the maple bar from their donut supplier.

And they said yes.


That was months ago. I didn’t consider myself due for another Glazed and Confused for about 1.5 years, so this potential maple bar version was just a happy thought in the back of my mind. HOWEVER…

However… When hubby goes and buys the maple bar, takes it to BT’s, explains/reminds them of the deal (which is totally out of his comfort zone LOL) and then surprises me with it the morning of my birthday 5 minutes after my alarm goes off, he earns some major Hubby Points! That’s a personal gift that takes more time, thought, and effort than cash. I am still reliving the experience :) :) :)  <– actual big grins every time I think about it. YUM!


So that’s my big birthday week highlight. That and some shopping. And lunch with Sam and Abbi. And dinner out with hubby and my mom, where I had some amazing crab-stuffed salmon. So, OK, plenty of highlights ;) But the Maple Glazed & Confused sparkles in my memory.

Oh, shopping. Craft supplies and gourmet food — those are the two categories of shopping I have fun at. Pleeeeeeeease don’t ask me to hit the mall with you. And no thank you, I really don’t need new shoes. Or more makeup. I go clothing shopping as if I were getting groceries: 2 of those, a few of these, and which “flavor” of this T-shirt do I want? LOL But put me at DeLaurentis at Pike Place Market, or somewhere like Hobby Lobby and you might lose me for hours. 


My new stencil is by Dreamweavers. I stamped my watercolor paper with a background using VersaMark Dazzle stamp pad. It’s cool! It’s DAZZLE-y! I hope you can see the effect in the photos, and how it ghosts through the marker in a dazzly way.


I colored with Tombow markers, then used a wet watercolor brush over those areas. I outlined with Sharpie fine point pens (not markers, pens.) I spattered with Niji Pearlescent watercolor paints I found at JoAnn. 



I like my little coffee cups project. I love this technique. At 2 1/2″ x 6″ it is too small to frame, so I’ll just enjoy it in the little holder for now. 

Happy crafting!


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