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Birthday paper purchases -- green! | 2createincolor.com

A few years ago, I had a brilliant idea to make a little book with 52 pages over the course of the year. I would do one page each week, all mixed-media/artsy/doodly detailing my progress on my goals for that year. It was all to start on my birthday, I had great goals, and I had a great set up for the book. 

I didn’t know about Smash-booking then, nor anything like the Documented Life Project, Project Life and the rest of the fast-scrapbooking styles, but that’s kind of what I imagined it as, with the focus of tracking goals as well. 

Well, it was a great set up except for workspace! I had to dig things out and put them away each time, and things were not organized in any kind of way that made that fun, easy, or space-friendly. That one hold up kept me from having any fun with this project, and so I abandoned not only the project but the goals as they were all tied in with the magic number of 52. 

52 Weeks project -- original supplies and new stuff! | 2createincolor.com

Now my workspace is ready for testing and today’s my birthday again. I found all the cut paper, chipboard, and other project items recently in my studio mucking. 

The project is ON! 

I made some new purchases to add to my fun this time around. I splurged on a few pieces of *green* paper for my birthday plus a couple more fun items. I added them to the basket holding the items from my first attempt: chipboard and paper cut to the right size and drilled for binder rings, a notepad for making reminder notes. all stored in an old Longaberger basket sturdy enough to do the job. 

OK, so those of you who actually know me, or who have been sticking around here for a while know that I don’t have a super track record of sticking with these kinds of things. So, you know, we won’t expect perfection here ;) 

Some details from my first attempt. So much fun I had on that fabric shopping spree in Portland that fall! 

52 Weeks project -- details from bits of my first try at this project.

But I’m rather excited to start my personal “new year” off with two simple goals!

1. Eat healthy more often than not — treats will be around forever; no need to be frantic about it LOL (Except tonight: birthday dessert of Mud Pie MMmmmmm!)

2. Keep improving my use of ONE calendar and set of lists to run my life.

I currently use Google Calendar and S-Note lists on my tablet: Shopping, Projects, To-Do, Classes, and a Good Morning list to remind me that I have things to do like check my lists and my calendar! (Think “50 First Dates”) 

I’ll be adding my 52 Weeks project to that Projects list ASAP. Wish me luck! I think those are achievable goals, yes?

Happy getting-things-done!


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