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What’s Up Wednesday: A Lot of To-Do’s Today

Garden tomatoes for Tomato Cobbler

I have a long list staring me in the face! I’m tempted to write it out and Zentangle it just to say I’ve done something creative, but that’s just more procrastinating, isn’t it? ;) 

Today I delivered two filing cabinets to Sam’s sister-in-law who does fantastic refurbishing, refinishing, and upcycling as well as original creations with wood and paint. She’s going to make them both the same satin black color so they’ll fit into my studio! And you know what? She will get them done long before I would!!! Also she’s going to paint and distress some yard sale/clearance shelves that you’ll see in my finished studio also. 

Garden tomatoes 2

But getting those filing cabinets empty and ready to haul over to her only added to my own to-do list, rather than shortened it. In unearthing the one filing cabinet that was in the garage, I made some discoveries. Now I know where all that *stuff* went; that stuff I was hoping (but kind of sad) that had made it to donations like…. 3 years ago? sheesh… I must decide all over again about the items I was glad to see, but had once decided I didn’t need. In the stack of boxes full of empty canning jars that had to be moved to get to the filing cabinet, I found a box of home-canned peaches STILL FULL! From 200-freakin’-7! Such sadness to have to put that much sunshine in a jar down the drain :(

I have 2 drawers of sewing patterns from the 80’s. That’s a keep/go (and how?) decision that needs making. People buy sheets of pattern tissue for crafty stuff. I have my share and about a thousand other’s shares, too! They were being kept company by at least a 6″ stack of 80’s era counted cross stitch patterns. Mm-hmm. Hey, if you’re a collector let me know! I’m not even sure what some of the other stuff is that I took out of the rest of the drawers. To-do list: sort it, deal with it.

Garden tomatoes 3

On the fun side of the to-do list is tonight’s dinner, which you will see in a few days (after I’ve made us all sick of it with repeated trials LOL) That will be my version of Tomato Cobbler. After receiving another small box of fresh tomatoes from my mother-in-law, and then jumping on the offer from Sam and Aaron to take some cherry tomatoes from their plentiful harvest (they’ll have gallons by the fast-approaching end of the season) I am ready to play with this recipe. I really can’t wait to eat it!

Ah, to-do lists. Love ’em. Hate ’em. Zentangling sounds like fun right now… but no — that sink full of dishes awaits! 

Happy Wednesday! Be productive :) 




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