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A Tea Towel Becomes Christmassy


So, wow, life! Quit getting in the way of my blogging! 

This morning I got a call from my mom that we needed to run out to her house at the ocean. Again. Suddenly. We were just there on Saturday meeting with the paint contractor. Seems he forgot to check that there was power available. And there isn’t, so we had to go out there, almost a 4-hour round trip, to give them access to the garage so they can paint the house. 

At least it wasn’t a rainy blustery day. At least neither one of us had appointments today. At least… 

But that means my YUMMY idea will now be shared on Friday, because there was no final playing and photographing in the kitchen this morning. 

And no, I don’t mean the pumpkin oatmeal I mentioned on facebook this morning. That’s for later in the month :)

Meanwhile, so I could contribute — be 1 of the 2 here doing some Creating in Color  — I pulled out a project that got put on a back burner. Until last week.


I started working on this old linen tea towel last year, right before Christmas. Didn’t get very far. Does anyone (without superpowers) ever really finish those projects started at the last minute? No superpowers here LOL But last week I stopped into my fave LSS (Local Scrapbook Store) because the owner had some new ribbons and trims. And got inspired!


I did my part supporting my local business *wink* One of the trims I bought was just what this project needed as a finishing touch! I love that the color is just right to coordinate with the embroidery floss I already began work with, and that there is a perfect spot to add this trim to the towel. Sure I will have to handwash it, but it will be more for show than for hard use anyway. I can do that. 


You’ll have to wait to see what the design actually is, but it won’t be a surprise if you know me. Except for the fact that it’s not green, right??? 

Happy stitching!



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