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Inspiration Week: Yarn and Yardage

To all you yarners, I apologize… it’s all about yardage here today. Fabric is my first love, my main thing, my almost-obsession. I have a lot (right?)  Also, today is mostly about clicking through to the links below to see the REAL inspirations!

After moving all my yardage from one wall of my ~studio~ to another, I’m actually pretty overwhelmed with it. Intimidated by it. But in love with each and every piece of it all over again. (I just gave away the 5 pieces of synthetic knit I decided I could live without.) I want to convert some of those dreams attached to that yardage into reality. But there are plenty of pieces with no specific ideas attached, and those… 

… Those pieces of fabric are what whirl through my mind as I look at some of these pictures, patterns, and websites! 

StudioKat… Kathy Southern designs bags. And, she’s not afraid of color! These are bags that you can use every day and be thrilled with. Bag patterns that are tested and retested until they stitch up perfectly. I’m inspired by her technical, creative, and stitching expertise! This is my current favorite design and model, the Wrapsody: 

Wrapsody bag smOneForYouOpen2-500x375

Also, if you follow StudioKat on Facebook, you’ll see an eclectic collection of good textile related articles and some funnies flow through your newsfeed (but not too many!)

Slow Cloth… currently existing as a Facebook page with links daily to sites and articles regarding the arts of handcrafting with textiles. It will get your creative juices flowing and your brain cells revving! The Slow Cloth concept: “quality, creativity, skill, beauty, diversity, sustainable use of resources, multicultural influences, both tradition and innovation, learning and teaching, and an appreciation for the joy, contemplation, and expression that working with textiles provides.” –Elaine Lipson


Patternreview.com… Oh, the apparel sewists here at patternreview.com are incredibly talented! And oh, so generous with their tips and tricks, too! I love looking through the pattern reviews that are posted by the dozens each day. There are also experts teaching classes, info-filled message boards, and contests! It is free to become a basic member — do it!

Let me share the yarner’s equivalent of this: ravelry.com If you knit, crochet, or do any other yarn-related art/craft you have to know about the Ravelry community. There are fantastic member projects and free patterns posted continually for inspiration, and with over a million members it’s a deep resource! (That’s *not* one of my numberical exagerations, by the way!) Free to join — do it!

I am using one of my own pics to link you there so there’s no copyright infringement of the other sewists’ pics. Here is the lovely Sam, my daughter and blog-partner, modeling a punk Little Red Riding Hood costume I made her, entered into a contest there, and reviewed the patterns I used. I am “Gail in Western WA” at that site.

Are you thinking about Halloween costumes yet? Is my design inspiring to you? ;)

Punk LRR Bodice

Threads magazine… this pleated trim has me fascinated. Must try! Engineering meets textiles: it’s always fun! Threads magazine has a great readers’ gallery, plus articles for all the cool tricks, techniques, designers, textile and notions info. It makes me want to kick it up a notch at the sewing machine!

Pleated trim Threads magazine

Quilt Inspiration blog … where, by the way, they have the dictionary definition of Inspiration at the top of their homepage sidebar :)  They feature tons of colorful, wonderful quilts by quilters from around the world. They also have photo links to a kajillion free quilt patterns from major designers. Okay, actually, 100-ish. That’s almost a kajillion!

Cheers by Pat Kroth, 2013 Houston IQF, photo by Quilt Inspiration

 Quilt by Pat Kroth, photo by Quilt Inspiration… so much color and motion! 

Time to finish off the work in my studio reorganization and get busy! 



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