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Stars Hoop Art

Stars Hoop Art_0001

Have you ever had a little project turn out exactly how you pictured it in your head before you began?  

A little bit cute, a little bit quirky, with a little bit of that homemade/personal touch.  

I’ve had both this hoop and this fabric since high school, and I’m happy they’ve found a new home in this project that is now currently residing near my bedside table.

I literally was sitting on the couch last night and something reminded me of this little phrase, and this fabric popped into my head.  And I immediately knew what my project would be for today’s post.

Stars Hoop Art_0002

Thankfully I didn’t have to scroll too far through my fonts to find a cute little script to use as a template.  (I know I’ve mentioned before how many fonts I have installed on my computer, and the number has grown since then, but… just in case YOU need more this is the one I used)  :)  And after I transferred it onto the fabric using the good ol’ window-as-a-lightbox trick, I spent this morning’s first baby nap watching Dawson’s Creek on Netflix and stitching this little phrase.

Stars Hoop Art_0003

And voila, a new project done in less than 24 hours!  And one that is truly making my little crafter’s heart happy!  :)


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