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More Little Bags!


I’m slowly stitching away on these little bags while watching World Cup soccer. They’re a great non-urgent time filler as long as nobody in the room jumps, shouts, startles me and I stab myself with a needle. Just sayin’!


I did some doodling with decorative machine stitches to seam together two scrap strips of this off-white fabric, then used the same style lettering as the Yahtzee game has. That red stitching really pops, and definitely identifies this bag by color to go with the red box of score pads! 


I finished off and filled the previous two bags I was working on and was happy to find that the Yote instruction sheet fit nicely inside its bag. Whew! Because if it hadn’t, that would have been frustrating even though it wasn’t something I had considered when grabbing the brown linen scrap for that bag. 


Next up, bags for the chess and checkers pieces that live in an old brittle plastic container! I’ve got plenty of soccer to ~watch~ in the upcoming days! 


I’ll just add: Way to go, US Men’s National Team!!! That was an awesome game! 

Happy stitching!


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