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Let Yourself Bloom!


I admit I was inspired to do this piece of paper art by something I saw on Pinterest. Something I didn’t pin, and cannot find again — boo! 

However, the original as I remember it said, “Let it Bloom.”



As the days have gone by and it has haunted my creative mind, it evolved into a piece that would speak deeply to me.

Let yourself bloom. Let MYself bloom. 


Slowly, I feel changes creeping upon me. (Everything is slowly with me!) I am welcoming these changes. But still, you know how that can be! Apprehension, anxiety, even a level of fear.


Because these are actually all good, positive, even fun changes and I made this piece to encourage myself to just go with it. To do the happy springtime, new beginnings, BLOOMing thing. 


Some all-over flower prints always make me feel good, whether they are on fabric or paper! Pinks, greens, and teals are my comfort colors (although I always have to say I don’t really think of myself as a pink-loving girly girl.) A good solid grid layout anchors my soul LOL Using things I already have available gives me warm fuzzies. 


This project ended up serving two purposes — encouragement in the future, and a satisfaction for the now. 

Bring it, change! I’m ready. Bring lots of green leaves, a strong stalk, and a big lush flower on top. Just take it easy on me :) 


  • Melanie Smith - This is AMAZING! And I commend you for being honest and letting your feelings flow into this new piece….WOW is all I can say. I absolutely love every aspect of this! Just Beautiful, just like YOU ARE!04.14.2014 – 5:00pmReplyCancel

  • admin - Thanks so much, Melanie! I will say WOW right back at you — it is amazingly encouraging to hear things like that! Just … thank you :) –Gail04.14.2014 – 8:38pmReplyCancel

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