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Keeping Track of: Decorative Scissors


Another little step has been taken in my quest to be organized! Yay! It’s a long steep hike.

I’ve been hanging out with the ScrapRack people, and we’ve come to the week in our Resolve to Get Organized Challenge 2014ย where we organize our stamps, punches, die-cutter dies and embossing folders. Since I am a bit old-school ;) I still have and use some of these decorative scissors.

But it always means hunting them down and spreading them out to take a look at the scissors themselves to find the pair I want. Even if I already know which pair I want, I have to find it by looking at the scissors’ labels.

So I resolved to solve this scissor dilemma this week: I made myself some usable samples of them. I included my decorative rotary cutter blades as well.


These samples are two layers, and pivot on the brad in the corner. I’ve run into problems before cutting printed paper and having the shaped edge all but disappear because of the paper’s design. With these samples, I can do a quick test without cutting — without even fetching the scissors!


The samples will be kept in a pocket page in my little section of “design choices” that I’ve created in my ScrapRack. I have plans to create samples of my punches the exact same way. I can then “try them on” printed paper or photos to see if I’ll get exactly the result I want from the punch.

It is crazy how excited I am by this!

(Yes, you may laugh at me… *I* am laughing at me!)


The scissors will still live in their bin for now. Scissors are numbered, and samples are color coded. Way too much work for a fast solution (I know!) Very fun work if you just let yourself play!

I have tentative plans to make a vertical storage “wall” for the scissors using Velcro and something like this (only not so spendy!) Thanks to Pinterest and I-can’t-remember-who in the challenge’s facebook group for that brilliant idea!

This is how Creativity meets Need meets Engineering-brain at my house this week.

Happy organizing!


  • Diane McWethy - I LOVE the color coding—almost the best part!02.28.2014 – 3:10pmReplyCancel

    • admin - I would color-code everything if I could! Thanks, Diane. –Gail02.28.2014 – 7:43pmReplyCancel

  • Laura - I have been caught by your blog for an hour and a half. You two are positively adorable! …and creative and good-hearted.

    That said, I think your fan of colored scissors at the top of this post is beautiful, and why not just make an unobtrusive hanger for them? It reminds me of the NBC peacock so many years ago!

    Glad I found you, will visit again for sure!03.17.2014 – 3:48pmReplyCancel

  • admin - Laura — thanks for your so-nice words :) And the scissors picture DOES look like that peacock, doesn’t it?? Good call! Brings up happy childhood memories. I hope you do come back, and I’ll be visiting your blog, too! –Gail03.17.2014 – 7:19pmReplyCancel

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